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Addiction Prezi

Drug Addiction

Jordan Manley

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Addiction Prezi

Addiction is a psychological or physical dependency. Dictionary.com defines addiction as the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma. Addiction is not confined to alcohol and illicit drugs. Addiction is a psychological or physical dependency. Some other activities that can be addicting are sex and gambling. Since addiction is labeled with illicit drug use and alcoholism, it is common for people to say addiction is nothing more than the consequence of bad choices, but after examining the life of a few addicts and observing rehabilitation I suggest that addiction is a consequence of surroundings and lifestyle. I have witnessed addiction first hand for most of my life. My mom is an addict. She is not just addicted to one thing,but everything. She has developed what is called an addictive personality. If you take one thing from her... She will find something else. It all started when my mom was a teenager... Then in 2001. My mom was bailed out of jail early on January 1st, 2001
and after going to court she was put on two years of probation. After her probation was up... These things occured from 2003-2008. She was
surrounding herself with people who had the same
problems she had. Her lifestyle became about getting
high with her friends during the day. This fueled her
addiction to a point she had never experienced before. These things ended in 2008 when my
mom was arrested. My mom is clean right now, but time will tell if her dependency is worth more to her than her family. Addiction is an awful disease. It has taken my dad through hell and back. When my mom went to jail he put the blame on himself for not being a good husband. I caught him in his room one afternoon with a gun to his head and a finished suicide letter at his side. Addiction is caused by many things and it also has its effects so lets take a look at some of those in my mom's case. Causes Abusive father
Both of her parents had addictions
Her father made her smoke cigarettes
She became addicted to pain killers as an adult
She then surrounded herself with people who were addicted to pain killers
Effects She has emphysema and probably less than a few years to live.
She has been in and out of jail.
She lost the friends that were good for her.
Her husband considered suicide.
She has lost her families trust.
She lost tens of thousands of dollars that belonged to our family.

What my mom has done has had severe consequences. Addiction will control your life and it is dangerous for the people around you as well. Addiction entails bad choices, but the real cause of addiction is the persons surroundings and their lifestyle. Addicts need help I speak for the addicts Their voices are not heard A D D I C T I O N Addiction starts as a recreation And it becomes their life Addicts live to find
their next high
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