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HP ngBPM CQ v2.0

ngBPM Sales Support Request and Opportunity Management Project

Jörg Grote

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of HP ngBPM CQ v2.0

BPM CQ Landscape http://www.TIBCO.com Frontends Forms Procedures Services Admin Tools Reporting / Monitoring Rules Organization Datamodel Project Structure Rules evaluation and auto Process Selection,
in case no Process is found, the task is send to Triage. Main BPM Dispatcher Process Process can be strutured & delopyed independetly,
Also other Rules, Organisations, Forms & Conditions can be used. Sample: EMEA Sales Support Request tibbr Services Request Header Info Service Process Configuration Service Reusable Service Subprocedures config
data lookup & update Web-UI to change existing Rule Sheet, incl. approval Flow Business Events Rules Sample: Reporting / Monitoring On the fly Analyizes using Spotfire Pro and/or Webplayer Auto Process Selection Auto Participant Selection Auto SLA Selection Generated by Business Studio, and enhanced using Cascarding Style Sheets Model Driven Forms Deployed as a separated Pageflow & Forms Project Reusable Pageflows Workspace Client (AJAX) Openspace Client (GWT) Custom Client (HTML5 & jQuery smart-UI) Designtime Definition HP Sales Organization Stored in a separated Data Interface Project Interfaces and Data Structure ActiveMatrix Administrator
for BPM Procedures Adminitration Tools BW Domain Administrator
for Business Works Service Flexible Project Structure using Subprocess Interfaces Project Structure Start Used Servers Maschines @ HP Server Environment d4t0117g.houston.hp.com AMX Administrator d4t0117g.houston.hp.com AMX BPM 1.3.1 d4t0120g.houston.hp.com AMX BW 5.9.3 d4t0123g.houston.hp.com Administrator 5.7.0 d4t0124g.houston.hp.com Spotfire 4.5 tpe208b.americas.hpqcorp.net Spotfire Webplayer d4t0118g.houston.hp.com Business Events 5.1 g9u0696.houston.hp.com Oracle 11g R2 database for BPM tpe208b.americas.hpqcorp.net MS SQL 2008 DB for Spotfire server d4t0125g.houston.hp.com EMS 6.3 SOAP Webservice REST Service for Support Request Details for Account Details Form Pageflow Extendable with Services and Detail Pages send to Triage Group Runtime Definition, Users defined manualy,
and picked up from HP LDAP Organisation & LDAP Users Flexible Business-Unit, Groups, Capabilities, Privileges, & Attribute Definition Runtime Definition Integarted Collaboration Plattform, with special Subjects for every Sales Support Request Collaboration with tibbr or over automated
API Implementation can be splitted in smaller Interface Projects Runtime Identifyier for Process Execution Instead of "hardcoded" Process References Dynamic Process Interfaces Online:
https://sites.google.com/site/gofilestorage/home/hp-wfs-cq-structure Process Interface based demo.tibbr.com tibbr 3 Components Flow HP "next generation" BPM CQ Project Details SFDC BPM casestart Salesforce.com MS Outlook - Emails, incl. direct Links BPM Mobile Clients Overall Inflight
Reports SFDC BPM casestart (TIBCO ASG BPM EMEA) Overview Presentation,
by Jörg Grote
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