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My Homeland

No description

Lenard Mien Banatao

on 12 April 2015

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Transcript of My Homeland

Kalinga Province
Oh hail the town where I was born
A peaceful land of love and honor
A place of beauty, nature's never torn
Rugged mountains awaits your door
Truly a paradise that makes me feel reborn!
My memories I can still recall
I wander to places I've never been before
Cold springs, breeze and birds call
Makes me go deeper to the forest and more
I wish these places will still go on.
I always miss these heavenly experience
The rain that sprinkles and sends me chill
Humid cold breeze touches my cheeks
It's like I'm in the clouds floating and still
But these beautiful places are now gone with the wind
My Homeland
By: Lenard Mien C. Banatao
Time had passed but my memories last
The paradise I know, still my dear homeland
Land of everything that Kabunyan gave us
Noble are the hands that set free this land
The land of my birth my dear homeland
From mountain hiking to water rafting
From river fishing to forest hunting
These sweet moments of my childhood years
Bring back the spirit of the eager kid
I am the eager kid and I miss my childhood years
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