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Civil Rights I

No description

Sabrina Fickel

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Civil Rights I

public facilities
transportation "Unconstitutional." Civil Rights 1945 1959 1946 1952 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1946-1951 Intro to the 50's He Had A Dream... "...segregation based on classifications was legal as long as facilities were of equal quality" Sabrina Fickel, Sydney Drury, Katie Dieter CIVIL RIGHTS 1946-1959 The Little Rock Nine Ernest Green
Elizabeth Eckford
Jefferson Thomas
Terrence Roberts
Carlotta Walls Lanier
Minnijean Brown Trickey
Gloria Ray Karlmark
Thelma Mothershed-Wair
Melba Pattillo Beals Black vs. White Martin Luther King Jr. The Life of Martin Luther King Jr. "SEPARATE BUT EQUAL" The Ku Klux Klan Women's Rights War Fought with fellow whites Split in two. Came home to an unappreciative, segregated society Travel Irene Morgan v. Virginia Southern states refuse Veterans Native Americans Mexican Americans Unemployment Home Work Family Children Education Rights November But wasn't enforced until December 20. Won in Montgomery Bus boycott, 1956 Born: January 15, 1929
Died: April 4, 1968 January: E.D. Nixon and Martin Luther King Jr. houses bombed

August: Robert Graetz house bombed

December: Martin Luther King Jr. house was shot into. Snipers shot into buses in Montgomery. Graduates from Morehouse College in 1948 Marries Coretta Scott in Montgomery, Alabama in 1953. 1956 Violence Jackie Robinson First African American to play major league baseball '48. National League Rookie of the Year
'49. National League MVP of the Year
'62. Baseball Hall of Fame Interracial Marriage "unconstitutional" Supreme Court Truman Executive Order 9981 abolished racial discrimination in the armed forces Browder v. Gayle Constitutional by the Federal District Court
June 5, 1956 Elizabeth Eckford Cooper v. Aaron Winning Losing Mack Charles Parker Accomplishments *Buses were no longer segregated *Public schools were becoming integrated. *Seperate but equal was no longer constitutional *Congress MLK and his goals. Martin Luther King Sr. and Alberta Williams King recognized -CIVIL RIGHTS- "first person of color" 1950 Nobel Peace Prize Korean War First American Victory United Nations in New York City, December 4, 1964 African American Infantry Brown v. Board of Education Linda Brown Age: 8
Born: Topeka, KS
lived within walking distance of a whites- only elementary school First Time in 71 years there was no lynching Plessy vs. Ferguson 1896 Jim Crow Laws -No coed music groups
-No coed girls sports
-”Separate but Equal” law overturned
-Brown vs. Board of Education said the “Separate but equal “ policy was unconsitutional ROSA PARKS NAME: Rosa Louise McCauley (Parks)
MARRIED: Raymond Parks
BIRTH: February 04, 1913
Tuskegee, Alabama
DEATH: October 24, 2005
in her apartment
Dimensia June 25-26, 1951 *1876-1965
*schools, restaurants, public places, transportation, restrooms, and drinking fountains
*Were based on Black Codes Montgomery Bus Boycott *Jackie Robinson Women Began: December 5, 1955
Why: To end segregation on buses. MIA:
Montgomery Improvement Association Led by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Browder v. Gayle
Lasted: 381 days
Buses in Montgomery integrated Ralph Bunche
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