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The Stamp Act Congress

No description

Keegan Joyce

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of The Stamp Act Congress

The Stamp Act Congress; First and Second Continental Congresses
Stamp Act Congress
"No taxation without representation!"
The Stamp Act Congress was a group of meetings held between October 7th and 25th.
The Congress seemed at first to be an abject failure.
Conversations began to get very heated between the colonies
The irony is
Boycotts by individual colonists did more to end the Stamp Act than the Congress did
So why was this important?
It was the first gathering of elected representatives from the American colonies to protest against new British taxation.
This was the beginning of the Stamp Act Resolves.
Only the issue of taxation was discussed.
Because it united the colonies together!
This reminds us of how arguments can be very productive
The Second Continental Congress
In May 1775, due to the British once again storming into Boston, the Second Continental Congress convened in Philadelphia.
What happened there?
It was agreed that a CONTINENTAL ARMY would be created
Therefor, during the July Congress the Olive Branch Petition was offered to the king.
The King denied the offer, and declared the colonies to be in a state of rebellion.
First Continental Congress
Met in Carpenter's Hall in Philadelphia, from September 5, to October 26, 1774.
All delegates present wanted to discuss about Britain, but each topic was far off from the other colony.
The first few weeks were made up of simply debates.

A year later, Americans were at the point of no return due to the rebellion. Thus created a whole new set of laws called, the Constitution.
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Proceedings of the Stamp Act Congress were conducted in secret.
Fun Facts
The Stamp Act Congress was the first unified meeting of the American colonies to respond to British colonial policies.

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