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Jazz in Le Film Presentation

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Mary Varano

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of Jazz in Le Film Presentation

Mary Varano
Anita Seyler
Veronika Jokel
Wilson Keithline A musical style born in the brothels and the back alleys of New Orleans. Created by African Americans Jazz is the spontaneous yet controlled, boiling improvisation of the deepest constructs of music. WHAT IS JAZZ? BUT HOW DO WE DEFINE IT? We feel that there is no concrete definition of Jazz. Jazz to us transcends definitions; is it a feeling. Some of us define it as freedom, for others it is style, energy, and so much more. To us it is an evolving quintessential entity that is ever changing and adapting while forcing us to adapt and be accepting one another. We feel that the best way for us to do any justice to the genre is to compare it to other things that we feel share the same transcendence of a definition that Jazz currently does. JAZZ & HARLEM ANITAS STORY JAZZ: THE INFLUENCE IN CINEMA The use of Jazz music in cinema was quite possibly the greatest enhancement to the film medium since the addition of sound entirely. Jazz music as a soundtrack to a scene was meant to be enjoyed as much as it was there to help the story along. Jazz music influenced the way films were made both morally and physically. When I think of Jazz I envision the flapper dresses and beads from the 1920s JAZZ: INFLUENCE ON FASHION The evolution of jazz music within the 1920s created a domino effect within the fashion industry

For the first time fashion magazines became wildly popular (Vogue, Harpers Bazar) As Jazz evolved so did the fashions…and it came in stages 1921-the drop waist dress, and long strings of glass and pearls became popular (coco channel)

1923-first mass marketed jazz recordings were made
following that womens dresses became more loosely fitted and waistlines dropped to the hips. Dresses were made looser to become freer while dancing to jazz music There are those, like myself, who did not grow up listening to Louis Armstrong, Anita O'day, Benny Goodman, Nina Simone, and other great jazz vocalists/performers of the Jazz age. There is a gap between myself and the evident reputation that jazz has obtained over the many years it's has been around. Though I consider myself a novice when it comes to the true meaning of jazz, I do however appreciate the influences it has had on today's genres of music. JAZZ: NOW AND TODAY JAZZ: INFLUENCE ON HIP HOP JAZZ: INFLUENCE ON ROCK IN CONCLUSION.. THANK YOU! JAZZ: INFLUENCE ON NEO-SOUL
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