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AP English Literature 5-6

2014-2015 Expectancy "Sheet"

Rebecca Hurst

on 8 August 2014

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Transcript of AP English Literature 5-6

AP Literature 5-6
Find your way. Love the challenge.
AP Literature 5-6 is a fast-paced, energetic, and intellectually challenging course that pushes students to read effectively, write efficiently, and analyze with ease. This is a two-semester class that fulfills one of the four English credits required for graduation. Our focus this year will be analysis of classic literature as well as exploration of contemporary readings. We will also study the Six Traits of Writing (with emphasis on Conventions), public speaking, and poetry in preparation for the Advanced Placement test in late spring.
Where can I go for help?

1. www.Edmodo.com
You can ask questions, check out the
calendar, get email alerts, find helpful
links, and even pick up lessons missed.

2. Study Table with Ms. Hurst (rm. 37)
Every morning, lunch, and most
days after school--Sign in! Get credit!

3. Your Assignment Calendar--
Fill it in each day and keep up with
due dates.

4. Study Buddies
You're on your own for the AP test,
but your path to achievement is lined
with like-minded friends. Talk.
Question. Share.

1. BE RESPECTFUL. Show respect toward every person and all property in class. This includes showing respect for yourself. Appropriate language is also required here.

2. BE PUNCTUAL. Always be in your assigned seat and working before the tardy bell rings. You need to be in class, on time, and attentive in order to meet your potential in this class. Make good choices, and the rewards will come quickly.

3. BE PREPARED. Have all necessary materials and use them appropriately. Late work will not be accepted!
*Keep up with an assignment calendar. This could be your best asset.

4. PARTICIPATE. Actively follow instructions and engage yourself in the learning. This is an active learning environment so participation is encouraged, expected, appreciated, and rewarded.

5. FOLLOW PROCEDURES. Actively and consistently follow all the procedures in class. Ask questions if
you are unclear about any procedure. All FWHS rules apply in this classroom; check your handbook for more information. Yes, dress code is followed here.
1. As soon as you enter the classroom, begin the bell work. Follow directions explicitly because this is your first success of the day.

2. Late work will NOT be accepted, but most work isn’t deemed late until 4:00pm. My door is open. Come to me for help, or contact me through Edmodo.

3. Follow all FWHS and district procedures for tardies, dress code, cell phones, hats, drinks, food, language, and behaviors. Instead of fighting protocols, learn to express your individuality through your writing and thinking.

4.Everybody works everyday. You will develop academic vigor and rigor. Expect to think deeper, work faster, and find humor with every challenge.

5. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get the work you missed. Upon your return, visit the assignment area and collect all missing materials. I will be unable to interrupt the current day’s learning to discuss in detail what you have missed, so drop by Study Table. All made up work should be labeled as such.

7.Expect for active thinking and learning to become a habit.
A = 90 - 100%
B = 80 - 89%
C = 70 - 79%
D = 60 - 69%
F = Below 60%
reinforce proper grammar and mechanics
practice the language of AP
review literary elements
introduce historical and cultural trends in literature
read classic novels and contemporary selections
unit tests, quarter test, final exam, essays, and various practice tests (both timed and open)
critical analysis of grammar and mechanics
critical analysis of how elements affect each other, characters, etc.
classic novels and contemporary selections
unit tests, practice tests, timed writings, and the AP LITERATURE EXAM

1. Go back to Edmodo.com.
2. Use the REPLY button to "sign" this Expectancy Sheet by typing your name and your birthday.
(example: Rebecca Hurst 8/20)

DUE 8/15
1. Visit Animoto.com.
2. Follow the directions (the free version) to create a 30-second video that shows me your plan for success this year.
3. UPLOAD it to the Edmodo wall.
You are
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