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Perforation by Laser

No description

mohamed ghazy

on 8 December 2012

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Transcript of Perforation by Laser

Laser ??? Effect of Laser on different types of Rocks What is Perforation ? - Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation

- Amplifier - Lasers that produce high temperatures could boost the porosity and permeability of rocks and reduces strength.

- High temperature causes microcracks, vaporizes cementation, and dehydrates clays. -Perforations are holes made through the steel casing wall and cement into the rock formation. Perforation by Laser ARAMCO Saudi Aramco was the first to began to think in a new perforation method using laser to get rid of the disadvantages of the ordinary perforation. Laser perforation causes thermal stresses that fracture a well’s surrounding rock, thus increasing permeability around the perforations. So it makes it easier to hydrocarbon to flow easily into the well. Disadvantages 1. Thermal effects that can affect the drilled hole. Also, Thermal shock may lead to micro-cracks in some materials.

2. The process to apply laser technology in perforation has much higher costs that conventional perforation. - Monochromatic

- Collimated

- Powerful Saamer Salem
Sherif Aitah
Marwan Fawzy
Hassan Ghanddour
Mark Mohy
Mohammed Ghazy Thank You !! Any Questions ?
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