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LinkedIn for Business

Taking small business owners on a journey through the wonderful world of LinkedIn

Kathleen Holmlund

on 9 August 2015

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Transcript of LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn for Business
Overview of LinkedIn
Anatomy of LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Company Page
LinkedIn’s company page feature sets the stage for your organisation’s presence on the platform. At present there are over 3 million company pages representing over 148 industries on LinkedIn!
Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation
Incorporate samples of your work (videos, docs, presentations)
Join and be active in LInkedIn Groups
LinkedIn People
LinkedIn Direct Ads
Use the LinkedIn Mobile App and Bump

238 million users
over 3 million company pages
1.5million+ groups
most conservative of the platforms
50% of users have a bachelors starting point
used by older generations
Why Use LinkedIn?
your audience could be out there
provides professional contacts
gives you visibility and credibility
obtaining referrals
obtaining relevant industry news
job searching - recruitment
Goals for LinkedIn
Connect and engage with current & potential clients/associates

Create an online community around your organization

Get found by people who are looking for your products & services

Promote the content you create including webinars, guides, blog articles, press releases, videos, & photos

Business Page
Profile Page
2013 Stats on LinkedIn
- courtesy of HubSpot
by @katholmlund
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