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Roadmap of Premium International

Benign Gerard

on 15 March 2010

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Transcript of Roadmap

ROADMAP THE FUTURE Vintage 2003 27th of November 2003
The First Signing 12th February 2010 the Sakura sigining 2004 Lighting it at national level A SUBTLE LIGHTING More recent nostalgia

2006 Our humble abode yesterday Smart decesions
Well planned Strategically thought out with a "Common Vision"
joyful painful rewarding sad
Gives each and every employee security pride motivation
"What's next?" Positioning & Repositioning
Global Partnerships
"As an ISO certified integrated engineering contractor with the competency, skills, and credibility" Positioning & Repositioning Resources People Portfolio of successfuly executed projects "A Unique entity" Ten years down the line "A respected corporate engineering entity" Port Aviation Civil Biomedical Professional Ansoff's Matrix Existing New New Existing Market Product/Service Hotels Hospital management International arena
risky We do have the recognition at national as well as global level. Therefore now our focus is also toward positioning ourselves as a caring organisation 'loved by the people who know us' and also involving in CSR to further the well being of our communities. Restructuring By the 10th year ...
2 Billion responsibility
250 Million net profit Premium healthcare Exisiting Portfolio focus seperate entity by 2010 currently generates 200 - 300 Mn annum with its own building with its own c.e.o Biggest entity under the premium umbrella Expected to generate 500Mn per annum Premium lifestyle & leisure Conceptual view Tapware A/V Solutions Leisure Premium Industrial engineering seperate entity to generate 100 Mn per annum own c.e.o It's own c.e.o Expected to generate 250Mn per annum
Expected to generate 250Mn per annum Diversification It's about trying out different avenues Not letting go of an exploitable opportunity Our crib today 60 to 70% of the market in Sri Lanka is dominated by the service industry. We need to balance whatever services we offer and take calculated risks with emerging markets and ‘go for it
Take the Hospital and Leisure sectors; both have a very huge potential in the market and these for which partnering has already been done will have a huge role to play in our upcoming endeavors Global Partnerships focus on existing portfolio We need to align ourselves with strong people in the market and create further partnerships in avenues which are fairly new to us.

1) Your safe when you are in a partnership than when you’re alone in a new market (SHARE RISK)

2) we learn from the experience of our global partner and piggyback on their reputation and status until we make our own (SHARE EXPERTISE)
In terms of numbers by the 10th year we should be able to make a net profit of 250mn with the group which is comparable to any blue chip company listed in the CSE. When we hit this number in 5 years Premium would go public. Also by this time the organization would grow as a whole to a maximum number of 100 employees.
" At Premium we have the maturity and professionalism to go beyond the national boundaries." International partnerships are secured and sustained by trust and their respect for our conduct as a dependable
corporate entity. 3D Concepts; Ghana Polyclinics
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