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Copy of Case analysis – A day in a life of Alex Sander

No description

Zafar Yadigarov

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Case analysis – A day in a life of Alex Sander

Case analysis

A day in a life of
Alex Sander:

Milda Sergejenkaite
Gintare Sineviciute

Situaction analysis
Organization: Landon Care products Inc.
Key players: Alex Sander and Sam Glass.

The main facts:
Launching a new product;
Negative atmosphere.
360 performance review;
Alex Sander Strengths:

Alex Sander
Weaknesses :
No work/life balance
Bad reinforcement techniques
Low emotional intelligence
How to make Alex to
change his
leadership style?
Driving in the Fast Lane
at LAndon Care Products

Alex will do test by himself.
He will see areas which he has to improve.

Alex thinks that self evaluation is time wasting.
Solution 1
Make a self analysis test
with psychologist.
Alex would gain leadership skills
He would meet

He thinks that his leading style is good enough.
Alex refuse taking this course because he states that he has a lot of more important work to do.
Solution 3
Start attending leadership classes.
Questions and discussion
Alex will get tasks and he will do them.
He does not need to motivate others, divide works, monitor work process and ect.
Employees will not be fustrated.

He may become unhappy about his position.
It could be hard and expensive to find the person who would replace Alex.
Solution 2
Move Alex from leader position and make
him a regular team member.
1. Make a self analysis test with specialist.

Why it could be the best solution?
Suggested solution
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