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Developing Your Digital Identity


Kate Latevola

on 20 June 2016

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Transcript of Developing Your Digital Identity

Hey Dr. Blank, employers are judging you on your spelling and grammar.
Kate has a new recipe for Kabobs. We will prepare some to bring for the party.
Career Services
Dr. John Smith
Schweet man! Let me get some of dem kaboobs!!!
Dr. Bill Blank
Developing your Digital Identity & Social Network
Employers are using social
media to learn about you.
Finally! An office with a view! Now all I need is a margarita to unwind after working all day!
What is your Digital Identity and Social Networking?
Great Post Leah! But U.S News & World Report said that Job Seekers should embrace social media.
Jobvite, 2014
Leah Goldson


Hey Kate and Jon, I am planning a leg shaking party this weekend on the boat!
That sounds great, Bill! What can we bring?
Laura Crouch
Bring something for a grill. I just got a new one for the boat!

1. Participants will develop a working idea of "digital identity".
2. Participants will learn about digital identity factors that relate to career development.
3. Participants will learn relevant statistics regarding digital identity and career development.
Digital identity:

…defined as "all the online information and data specifically about an individual. Think of your digital identity as “a subset of the characteristics that define a person in the real world” (Guiterrez & Feigenbaum, 2006).

Social Networking:

...defined as "the use of dedicated websites and applications to interact with other users, or to find people with similar interests to oneself."

55% of recruiters reconsidered a candidate based on what they found on their social media, 61% of those double takes being negative

Now I know, social media is a quasi-public forum in which what you say is strongly attached to your identity
Your personality fits
You are who you say you are
You provide a professional image
You show a wide range of interest
You demonstrate great communication skills
You've received awards
You have great references
You interacted with the employer
You have a large following
Yikes! I'm not sure that this should be on social media
Professional Experience
Volunteer Experience
1. Drugs
2. Sexual Post
3. Profanity
4. Gun Use
5. Alcohol
6. Grammar & Spelling
7. Political Affiliation
Supervising Community Service Project
Create and fill out your profile completely
Bulk up your skills and expertise for endorsements
Request recommendations
Personalize your LinkedIn URL and use keywords
Be proactive and make connections with Alumni, Recruiters, and Influencers
Share information and stay active on your page
Research companies and hiring managers
Search for jobs and apply!
Online recruiting resource for employers, students, and alumni
Activate Your Account- fill out profile completely and upload resume
Professional Networking- mention how you found them through Aztec Career Connection

Enable privacy settings, but still be cautious
Check past posts and pictures with the new timeline feature of facebook
Review posts/pictures/comments before approving tags
Like pages relevant to your field
Never badmouth past or current employers
Check out job search apps

Over 1/2
Tips to Remember
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