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Math-Bridge remediation in math

La présentation du projet européen Math-Bridge aux journées DIES de l'INRP http://eductice.inrp.fr/EducTice/ressources/journees-scientifiques/journees-2010/ et aux journées M2Real à l'INSA http://m2real.org/spip.php?article143

Christian Mercat

on 11 February 2011

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Transcript of Math-Bridge remediation in math

Reasoners Ontology of competences and subjects Organization of Learning Objects Learner's model Adaptation to
pedagogical context Good Practices Evaluation for effective learning promote students' devolution of work Formative & Summative Diverse and rich pedagogical resources from remedial courses of important European universities integrated interactive content An online platform for multilingual individualised learning Math-Bridge will evaluate the pedagogical relevance of the project Creation of
individualised books - This selection particularly helps chemists/girls/Italians
- This is best in face to face teaching
- This is highly correlated with knowledge gain
- Diagnose, identify, create homogeneous groups with specific needs (project oriented teaching)
- "you have a biologist kind of profile"
- Student: identify your knowledge gaps and fill them
- Teachers: identify classroom gaps, mis-conceptions, control actual work sociologic and linguistic context
competences & knowledge level
pedagogical preferences or relevance translations
& notations livres
individualisés scénari
de contenus suivi du modalités
d'enseignement lutte contre l'échec 11% foreigners M2Real project dévolution de
l'apprentissage Identify learning gaps
by individualized feedback targets Identify mis-conceptions meet teachers' needs to promote appropriation,
collaborative work global
learning atematicas undo del INSA de Lyon, Univ. Sherbrooke, IPNMexico, Lima, Monterrey... paper-screen difficult:
fine grained tagging http://ideas.cs.uu.nl/ http://service.math-bridge.org/ActiveMath2/tools/dr_authoring.cmd http://service.math-bridge.org/ActiveMath2/main/viewBook.cmd?page=97&book=LeAM_calculusSecondaryRec open source GPL http://www.math-bridge.org
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