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Annexation of Texas

No description

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Annexation of Texas

Britain Opposes Annexation
Britain wanted to stop the westward expansion of the United States. If annexed, Texas would play a major role in expanding westward.
Texas to be Annexed
After much time and debate, and finally away from the rule of Mexico, Texans finally voted in favor of annexation to the United States.
Many Americans Against Slavery
Another reason many Americans were against annexation, was that many were against the expansion of slavery. Slavery was a major part of the Texas economy.
Abolitionists Anti Annexation
Abolitionists argued that the annexation would increase the power of slave states in the U.S.
Britain Opposes Annexation
The British, still a powerful empire, did much trading with Texas. They also were interested in the Mexican silver mines.
Annexation of Texas
Division of Slavery
The northern states in the U.S. did not have slavery and the southern states did. The north did not want slavery expanding, and the south did want it to expand.
Word Bank:
-United States
United States Citizens Skeptical
Many in the United States believed that the annexation of Texas would cause conflict with Mexico, who still did not accept Texas as its own country.
Word Bank:
Word Bank:
Why did some people in the United States oppose annexation?
A. It was too expensive
B. They thought Texas was too far west
C. They believed that it could lead to a fight with Mexico, which they did not want
Word Bank:
Word Bank:
Abolitionists were against the annexation of Texas because they:
A. did not want slavery to
B. did not want slaves anywhere in the United States
C. Thought that slaves should be in
the new states
D. Thought that slavery should be in all of the states
Most northern states were ________________ and southern states were ________________

A. Slave states, free states
B. free states, slave states
Word Bank:
Word Bank:
The British were ____________________ to annexation because they did not want the United States to expand west
A. supported
B. opposed
Sam Houston Talks to the British
Sam Houston, president again for a second term, explained to Britain that becoming a part of the United States would allow for protection from Mexico.
Word Bank:
-Sam Houston
-A State
Sam Houston Requires Recognition
If Mexico recognized Texas as an independent country, then the need to annex would be much less.
Word Bank:
Tyler Worries about Britain
President John Tyler did not want Texas too heavily influenced by the United State's recent enemy Britain. For this reason, Tyler wanted Texas to become part of the United States.
Word Bank:
-United States
Who made the British believe that if Mexico recognized Texas as a country, then Texas would not be annexed into the United States?
A. John Polk
B. James Tyler
C. Sam Houston
Texans want to get rid of Debt.
If annexed, the debt of Texas would become the debt of the United States, so Texans saw this as a way to solve the debt problem.
Word Bank:
Texans believed that if they became part of the United States, then they would be relieved of
all of their
A. armies
B. dangers
C. Debts
D. Native Americans

Presidential Election of 1844
In the United States presidential election, the annexation of Texas was a big issue. Democratic candidate James K. Polk was in favor of annexation, and his opponent Henry Clay was against it.
Word Bank:
-The Texas Question
-United States
Polk Favors of Annexation
Polk, who favored annexation, was elected as president. His main interest in Texas was so it could expand the United States from coast to coast.
Word Bank:
-Coast to Coast
In the 1844 Presidential Election, Texas Annexation, or “The Texas Question” was an issue.
James Polk, who won the election was _______________ annexation

A. In favor of
B. In opposition to

Many Favor Annexation Based on the Belief in Manifest Destiny
Many Americans believed the United States was destined to expand from coast to coast. This belief was called "Manifest Destiny". More and more people were beginning to move west.
Word Bank:
-Manifest Destiny
The belief that the United States is destined to expand from east coast to west coast – the
Atlantic to Pacific ocean – is known as

A. Westward Expansion
B. How the West was made
C. Manifest Destiny

Britain Talks to Texas
The British, still opposing annexation, talked Mexico into recognizing Texas as an independent country. By the time they did, the people were demanding that the now President of Texas, Anson Jones, accept the offers of annexation.
Word Bank:
-Anson Jones
Texas Officially Decides on Annexation
On June 16, 1845, the Texas Congress was called to meet. He gave the legislature a choice of independence or annexation. They chose annexation.
Word Bank:
- Annexation
- Independence Recognized
- Annexation
Texans had to choose between ______________ and _______________

A. British Trade deals and
Annexation by the United States

B. Annexation by the United States or being recognized as a country by Mexico

Texas's Legal Entrance
The convention in Texas drew up an official state constitution which was accepted by the U.S. in December of 1845. This marked Texas's official entrance into the United States.
Word Bank:
Transfer of Power
In February of 1846, a ceremony was held to officially transfer the power to the United States.
Word Bank:
Texans Who Favored Annexation Believed:
1. United States would take care of Debt
2. U.S. would protect them from Mexico
Word Bank:
- Debt
- Protect Them
Protection from Mexico
United States People Who Were Favored Believed:
1. It was their Manifest Destiny (God-given destiny)
2. Some thought it was a way to stop British influence in North America
Word Bank:
-Manifest Destiny
-British Influence
Beliefs of those on the United States who opposed:
1. Could not afford to have any conflicts with Mexico
2. U.S. should not expand slavery
Word Bank:
-Not Expand
Manifest Destiny
People in the United States were in favor of Texas Annexation because they were
A. Eager to take on Texas debts
B. Wanted to Expand slavery
C. Wanted to give the British a more
influential role
D. Believed that gaining Texas would help them accomplish their Manifest Destiny
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