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"The names"-billy collins

No description

joe deatrick

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of "The names"-billy collins

Poetic inspirations:
Billy Collins
Joe Deatrick and Dylan Croup
Childhood Born in New York city (1941)

mother read poetry to him as a child got interested in poetry early hometown born and raised in the
heart of new york

lived there most of his life

had much pride for his home Influential event: 911 in the city during 911

talked to relatives of victims

depressed and inspired by victim's bravery

product: The names "the big picture"

MYP Unit Question: How do your experiences shape your perspective? what makes this poem interesting & meaningful? What experiences inspired the poet's perspective? What makes this poem interesting & meaningful? A personal tribute to American heroes in 911 inspiring to those who lost family members in 911 teaches an important lesson that heroes will be remembered forever What experiences inspired the poet's perspective? when NY city was attacked, he felt like a part of him was attacked heard personal experiences and he lost people he knew as well inspired by the heroes of 911 and wanted to pay tribute AOI:
Human and social education AOI: Health and Social Education

experiences change how people think and act

dramatically changes people's personality and thoughts

experiences affect the overall society by individually changing the people in the society

can affect the decisions people make and their relationship with their friends and family

greatest influential device
wanted to commit his fame and power of poetry to those lost in 911 relates directly to American history and pride in country MYP Unit Question: how do your experiences change your perspective? open up new ideas to you

inspires change through great emotion

brings to thought who you are as a person

change the timeline of your life

speaks out against the horrors of violence Works cited "The names, Literary Analysis on a poem by billy collins" Associated Content-Associatedcontent.com. Web. 18 April. 2010

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