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Copy of Band


Wendy Higdon

on 1 January 2018

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Transcript of Copy of Band

Who are we?
A commitment to excellence
Perfect Practice Makes Perfect!
Everyone needs to purchase a Starter Pack!
Purchase or Rent?
School Owned
Bassoons & Tubas

We will have school
French horns available in August.
During the school year, we also provide a
"school instrument" for Cello, Bass & Baritone
and a 2nd tuba (one for home & one for school) so students don't have to transport these large instruments on the bus.
Band & Orchestra
Enrollment Night

20 minutes a day is best
set a schedule
work toward goals
your child will need your support
Renting is recommended at first
Then, when you purchase. . .
stick with trusted brands & trusted stores (we can help!)
Wendy Higdon
Becky Sendi
Summer classes
June 1-18, 2015 (Mon-Thurs.) @ Carmel Middle School
55 minutes a day
Cost is $75
Give your student a great start!
Experienced, dedicated teachers who love teaching middle school aged children!
Excellent administrative and community support!
Carmel performing arts programs lead the state and nation!
use extreme caution with internet auction sites & wholesale price clubs. . . you can end up throwing away good money.
Sign up for Summer Classes @ www.creeksidemusic.org
Even parents without a music background can help.
Expect that progress at first will be slow
Be encouraging
Help your child stick with a regular practice schedule
Listen to your child play
Consider private lessons
"Three Things" Article
What do we ask of students?
Try your best
Ask for help
Practice @ home regularly
Minimum one year commitment
We are committed to helping your child
be the best he or she can be!
We will be here after the meeting!
Welcome to Creekside!
See the pink handout for more information!
Please fill out and turn in the white card.
(This is also our attendance record for tonight!)
Turn in signed yellow form to Mrs. Higdon tonight.
We will collect the $75 fee when you get the instrument.
Chris Grifa
Your best deal financially!
With the starter pack you get:
instrument for first month
maintenance coverage
band/ orchestra book
music stand or metronome/ tuner
accessories for your instrument
care items for your instrument
School owned instruments still need a starter pack!
Paiges Music is here tonight!
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