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Risk-based Strategy Plan

No description

chris bartels

on 20 November 2016

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Transcript of Risk-based Strategy Plan

how will a RBSP
improve FMD control?
1] Developing
assessing risks
=> targeting limited resources

2] Written
=> stakeholder - participation

3] Implementation
monitoring & evaluation
=> improving performance
risk pathway
Discussion with Palestine bedouin
Risk-based Strategy Plan
Support to development - observations from the field
1] assessing risks
=> understanding FMD in the population
risk estimation
Qualitative: Poster Bishnu Adhikari - Nepal
Quantitative: presentation Manon Schuppens - Mongolia
Session P5 - PCP Asia
stakeholder consultation
competency of Veterinary Services
Objectives of the RBSP are reflecting control measures
monitoring & evaluation
(Sero)surveillance, monitoring and the PCP-FMD
Melissa McLaws - next speaker
value chain analysis and risk projection
Thinking out of the box
Re-organisation between departments of VS
Consultation stakeholders
National strategy plan for FMD control in Nepal 2015-2025
National Seminar on FMD 30 March 2014, Tripoli, Libya
Animal health economics - different approaches with progressive FMD control
changing landscapes
Iranian FMD control plan 2014-2015
PCP-FMD training for FAO staff - Eastern Africa, October 2014, Rwanda
Discussion Egyptian VS with local farmers, May 2012
Questionning Turkish farmer - 2011
mapping a local FMD outbreak
Chris Bartels, Melissa McLaws, Keith Sumption
Outline of
Guidelines on disease outbreak investigation
Awareness on the need for
"leading by example"
Structure of aggregating outbreak notifications
and responses defined - GOVS Egypt
PCR and ELISA testing
Stakeholder identification and positioning, PCP-FMD workshop
- Egypt - Sept 2014
Value chain mapping - small ruminants
PCP-FMD Egypt, September 2014
FMD risk projection on value-chain map, PCP-FMD workshop, Egypt, Sept 2014
- staff of VS in Egypt, Iran, Nepal, Kenya, Turkey
- farmers, private vets, inseminators, traders
- members of the FMD - Working group
- FAO staff in the regions
- EuFMD staff
national level
Expected outcomes of PCP-FMD Stage 1
local level
regional level
based on the risk assessment
Risk-based strategy plan
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