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ORGB3201 Final Team Project

No description

Daigo Hoshino

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of ORGB3201 Final Team Project

Management Roles &
Leadership Styles
Employee Perspective
All employees have previously held senior positions at various companies
Must display traits of a leader
Time-management skills
Open communication channels
Media Richness Theory
They are experts at using different media to convey different complexity levels of information
Red Javelin Communications
Goal for Millennials
“I think that its important that as a young person gradating from college to get that corporate structure…. I learned so much about how businesses work…
I don’t think that you would be quite as effective just going out on your own
and being in a virtual organization if you didn’t have that background." -Maria Doyle
Pros and Cons of Virtual Organizations
A virtual organization is a business entity that conducts its operations and communication efforts primarily through electronic means as opposed to face-to-face.
The Invisible Office:
Company Structure, Management, and Leadership of Remote Employees Working for a Virtual Organization

Founded in 2001
Currently ten employees
Focuses on PR for emerging-growth technology companies
Business Approach
Scheduling flexibility
Personalized work environment
Work any place, any time, any device
Loss of interpersonal relationships
Loss of spontaneous collaborations
Feeling isolated
Two female founders
Demand best from employees
Flat organization
Emphasize healthy balance between work and personal life
Practice tough empathy
"I’ve taken client calls on the road, in Dr. Offices at my children’s school and still been able to be productive.
I can’t imagine not working virtually and think that more companies should move in the direction of allowing employees flexible work schedules and locations.
For instance I used to spend at least three hours a day commuting to my job often being caught in traffic and losing valuable work time.
Now I can work right away and work through what would have been commuting time
"It is very important that everybody feels connected and valued for their work because working virtually can be isolating." -Lisa

"It is a very flat organization... it is very collaborative. There is one person that leads the team, and then there are a bunch of people that report into that person, but
they’re all equal in their tasks
." -Lisa
Gain business experience in an office
Master business skills
Conquer learning curve
"Lisa and I are at the top of the hierarchical structure in terms of being the founders and bringing in all of the business and the associates generally work on the amount of hours that we give them.
We all work equally
on that kind of work." -Dana
Thank you for your attention.
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