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Blended Startups: Combining IT with Social, Mobile, Instant Communities

This paper was originally presented at the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences in January 2013.

Ben Cherry

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Blended Startups: Combining IT with Social, Mobile, Instant Communities

Blended Startups: Combining IT with Social, Mobile, Instant Communities Hitching Your Wagon to a Star IT Startups:
Live Case Studies Introduction to the Context
-Transformation of Communication
-Social Media Stars
Creating Something from Nothing

The Exemplar:

The Two Live Cases: Tweetphoto (c. Mar 2009) early 2008: Twitter took off -> @ # txtng: lol rotfl ff
mid 2008: 140+ Twitter-related apps and services
Sean Callahan (CSUSM alum) in a Masters program in London
Conducting research on potential for collaboration within social networking
Idea: share more than just text in tweets
Meets (virtually) Rodney Rumford (co-founder) during beta phase Lessons from the Wagon 1. Early and intentional linkage with the brand of the shooting star.

2. Offer a limited number of invitations to beta launch.

3. Ensure fast, reliable, and responsive service.

4. Gain buy-in from key users who already use services offered by the star.

5. Open your venture's "guts" to new venture developers to spur growth and further integration into the marketspace via API release.

6. Create strategic partnerships that further establish credibility of
your new venture.

7. Respond to substantial change in behavior by the
star and "pivot" to new strategic direction. Your Turn Identify strategic behaviors of Instacanvas and Instapparel that are similar to Tweetphoto.
Track either venture's Twitter feed, Facebook page, Instagram account for two weeks hence.
Revisit early behaviors of either venture to identify elements of founding behavior that have led to growth. Bennett Cherry
California State University San Marcos Initial
Launch Ideation &
Formulation Linkage
to "Star(s)" Growth & Pivot Opportunities Instacanvas, launch May 2012 Instapparel, launch June 2012
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