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Take a Walk in Your Neighbourhood

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Lindsay Clegg

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Take a Walk in Your Neighbourhood

Welcome to Mount Pleasant If you were to walk around Mount Pleasant you would notice a variety of people who call this community home. Young students and professionals seem to be the most prominent, filling the streets with bicycle riding and the parks with outdoor activities. There also seems to be a large amount of families in the area, most likely due to the access to schools and it being a relatively safe area. I believe the people who live here have a general respect for the community keeping it fairly tidy and up to date. I did notice however, very little interaction between strangers on the streets. Who lives in your neighborhood? What does it look like? Mount Pleasant is full of character homes which have been turned into many suits to house more people.. Each home seems to have something quirky about it making walks through the community a little bit more interesting. There are many parks with playgrounds for children and other athletic facilities such as skate parks. You can tell the community is old because the streets are lined with trees so large they create a canopy over the cement. The spring in my favorite because all the cherry blossoms bloom having such a whimsical effect. What recreational resources exist? In Mount Pleasant there are community gardens where residence of the area can grow vegetables, fruits and flowers. There are tennis courts and soccer fields well used in the summer. Popular with the youth, there is a skate park busy all hours of the day and night. Probably my favorite recreational resource in the area would be the bike lane on 10th Avenue. Here cyclist have the right away of the street making bike transit to others communities a breeze. Mount Pleasant has many grocery stores from large corporations, to small independent markets. There are several thrift stores for clothing which is nice for those on a budget. Kingsgate mall has every thing from a furniture store to a Government run liquor store. A local favorite for all is the book exchange placed unexpectedly on the side of 11th Avenue. Here residence can borrow, exchange or donate books at any time of the day. The fact this resource has never been taken advantage shows residence must share a respect for the community they live in. From sex shops to Bible stores residence are lucky enough to find nearly anything they might require within walking distance from their front door. What shopping sources are there? What schools are in the neighborhood? There are a variety of educational institutions in the Mount Pleasant area. Saint Patrick was the only elementary school I noticed in the area with art drawn on the side walls and a area dedicated to a large garden. I also saw the Pacific Audio Visual Institute for studies in fine arts. Beside academic institutions there were many different types of schools such as Martial Arts training and dance studios. I only noticed one school for teaching English as a second language which was surprising to me but maybe due to the majority population living in the area. What other institutions are in the area? The Sikh temple in the Mount Pleasant area has made itself the most popular religious institute for the young and hungry in the area by serving its well known Indian food Sundays at 2:30. The line to get in can go for blocks but it is well worth the wait leaving with a warm stomach and containers of food to last you for days. The Aboriginal Wellness Program seems to be well used providing culturally safe wellness and addiction programs. The Boys' and Girls' club of Greater Vancouver is also located in the area providing support to child, youth and families. Kingsgate Dental is located in the mall and I noticed many medical centers in the area providing alternative methods to Western medicine such as Acupuncture and Naturopaths. I also noticed the Mount Pleasant Family Centre, a place where families can use the drop in centre to make new friends, learn new skills and gain support in times of need. What social problems are you aware of? Having lived in the area for almost six months I have always felt quite safe. I have noticed on occasion sex trade workers in the area which seems to upset many residence. Closer to Broadway there are some issues with homelessness and people suffering from mental health issues. I have also noticed the lack of interaction with the people living in the area. A key example of this would be living in a house with three suits and having to force every conversation with the other residence of our house. How do I feel about my community I love living in Mount Pleasant for many reasons. There seems to be a common respect for the surroundings making for a visually beautiful and unique place to live. I can also reach all amenities I need by either walking or riding my bike. Finally I feel very safe at all times of the day. My only complaint would be how much effort it takes to meet new people in the community. I am lucky now after a lot of work to have established a group of friends, but that did not come easily.
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