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Astrology In Wellbeing

No description

Avi Claire Chabot

on 26 April 2016

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Transcript of Astrology In Wellbeing

Astrology In Wellbeing
Doubts in the validity of Astrology
Benefits of Astrology and Horoscopes
First Hand Experience
What is the basis of Astrology ?
uses the positioning of the celestial bodies during our time of birth to determine personality traits and other health issues
it is way more than what most people just think when they read their horoscopes in the newspaper or magazines
overall media has presented astrology to be extremely broad and not specific to your own individuality
Of course there are many people who don't believe that horoscopes or astrology in general are beneficial
There have been many studies done by professionals that have proven a certain level of astrology to be accurate
Micheal Gauqelin performed a study where he found correlations between individual's birth planet and their occupation
horoscopes can provide knowledge about decisions that need to be made in your future
communicate what energies lie ahead in the future
can help determine compatibility with others
gives you a deeper understanding of self and help you realize your talents
all of my knowledge is self taught or comes from first hands experience
there have been countless times where I have witnessed horoscopes to be extremely accurate or where they have assisted me in making "educated decisions"
encourages me to look beyond myself and realize the positive qualities of others or in general how small we are
go read your horoscope from an accurate site
I suggest Astrostyle.com
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