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Battle of Mogadishu

The famous encounter better known as "Black Hawk Down."

Michael Ferrer

on 17 March 2011

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Transcript of Battle of Mogadishu

The Battle of Mogadishu By: Michael Ferrer Summary Preface
Battle Strategy
Battle Execution
Aftermath UNOSOM I Relief effort in Somalia UNOSOM II Objective: Maintain ceasefire UNOSOM I Progress: FAILED Peacekeeping effort UNOSOM II Objective: Capture Terrorist Leaders Task Force Ranger October 3-4, 1993 Force Commander: Lieutenant General Cevik Bir UNOSOM II Task Force Ranger: Major General William F. Garrison 160 Men, 19 Aircraft, 12 Vehicles Somali National Alliance 2,000-4,000 militia and vigilantees SNA Leader: Mohamed Farrah Aidid Battle Execution Crash Site #1 "Super 6-1" shot down by RPG PFC Todd Blackburn Fell while trying to fastrope down Crash Site #2 RPG Shot down "Super 6-4" CW3 Michael Durant Survived the crash
"Super 6-2" attempts rescue Assault
Extract Assault Habr Gidr Clan Secure Olympic Hotel Extract Delta Force Rangers 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta Bravo Company 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment U.S. Special Operations Forces 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment Night Stalkers SEAL Team Six Rangers Delta Force Navy SEALs SFC Scott Fales of "Super 6-8" scouted for any survivors Convoy Interrupt Somalis barricade streets "Kasoobaxa guryaha oo iska celsa cadowga!" "Come out and defend your homes!" SFC Randy Shughart and MSG Gary Gordon attempt rescue, but are defeated Durant is beaten, dragged, and captured by militia Ground convoy & assault team miscommunication Relief Convoy Task Force 2-14 Infantry
10th Mountain Division
Malaysian/ Pakistani Forces Crash Site #1 at 2 AM Heavy Casualties
7 Malaysians
2 Pakistanis 6:30 AM Convoy arrives No more room "Mogadishu Mile" Casualties 19 killed
73 wounded
1 captured 700+ killed
1,500+ wounded
21 captured
Aftermath Robert B. Oakley Ambassador negotiates for bodies Bodies returned in horrible condition Severed head Military Fallout Admiral David E. Jeremiah President Clinton orders him to withdraw forces actively seeking Aidid. Oct. 6, 1993 Mission Responsibility General Garrison officially accepts full responsibility of his actions to President Clinton Objective: Achieved Links to Al-Qaeda Osama bin Laden trained and funded Aidid's men Said the battle displayed “the weakness, feebleness and cowardliness of the US soldier.” Battle Strategy Trapped Assault team trapped for the night "Night Stalkers" drive off hostiles headed to the crash sites
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