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Heartland Conservation Alliance

No description

Jill Erickson

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Heartland Conservation Alliance

Heartland Conservation Alliance
WHAT we need to do
WHO we are
High levels of pollutants
Frequent flooding
Difficult to access
Highly eroded streambanks
Little to no wildlife habitat
Very few if any trails
Little to no use by people
NOT fishable
NOT swimable
NOT loveable
If we do nothing...
Our mission:

Working together to protect our natural resources for the enjoyment and benefit of all
the places
we love

We need regional planning AND action for conservation
We are a partnership:
leverage resources
share ideas
increase efficiency
coordinate work
We are not limited by:
political agendas
geographic boundaries
We serve:
organizations interested in conservation
government agencies
general public
Protect natural resources:
advocate good policies
conservation easements
land acquisition
support land trusts
support land managers
implement existing plans
work with partners
focus area of work
broad perspective
HOW we work
Convene communities
work to leverage resources
share ideas
increase efficiency
Build a strategy
Make connections:
people & nature
policy makers & information
citizens & stewardship
organizations & resources
WHY this so important
Invasive plants & animals
Weak & fragmented policies
Lack of public understanding
Under used & lack of access
Natural services
Clean air
Clean water
Attract economic development
Increase property value
Sustainable communities
Sense of place
Outdoor exploration
Connect to nature
Connection to community
WHERE we have begun
What if we do something...
What will the
Blue River look like
in the year 2050?
Kansas City region:
Kansas AND Missouri
Current Focus Area:
Regional plans
Highest quality natural resources (MARC NRI Data)
Places important to communities
WHEN will this happen
Strong partners
EPA and NFWF grant awards
Urban Waters Federal Partnership
Infrastructure needs
Stormwater Management Planning
Newly updated NRI data
Metropolitan Greenspaces Alliance
National focus on green infrastructure
National focus on water
Collaborating without competing
Securing sustainable funding
Large scope of work
Mistrust of environmentalism
Lack of public awareness
We are creating a five-year work plan that outlines our partnership structure, specific tasks and timelines. It will be a business plan detailing conservation priorities and our outreach and education plan.
Blue River Watershed
1,200+ miles of river
One million people
Tremendous needs and opportunities
Multiple partner plans and initiatives
Broad cross-section of communities –
Microcosm of the region
Founded in 2012
Received 501c3 in 2013
Governed by Board of Directors
Partners represented by Steering Council
Creating a healthier,
more vibrant, and
sustainable region
Helping our partners do more
Important for our community
Natural Resources like streams and rivers, woodlands, prairies
Green infrastructure like floodplains, greenways
Open space for recreation, urban green space, agriculture
Jill Erickson, Project Manager
Places make us happy & healthy
Places are important to our community
Places we love are threatened
Connect people and places
Municipal Farm - Kansas City Missouri
Indian Heights Homes Association
Camp Branch Creek
This project has been funded wholly or partially by the United States Environmental Protection Agency under an assistance agreement. The contents do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Environmental Protection Agency, no does mention of trade names or commercial products constitute endorsement or recommendation for use.
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