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Committees WV House and Senate

No description

Becky Luketic

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Committees WV House and Senate

Purposes Committees House of delegates Senate Agriculture and Rural Development *Cheif of committee- Senator Miller
*Vice Chair- Senator Williams Agriculture Banking & Insurance Constitutional Revision Education Enrolled Bills Finance Government Organization Health & Human
Resources Energy, Industry & Labor, Economic Development & Small Business Interstate Cooperation Natural Resources Pensions & Retirement Political Subdivisions Judiciary Roads and Transportation Rules Senior Citizen Issues Veterans Affairs & Homeland Security http://www.legis.state.wv.us/ Banking and Insurance *Chair- Senator Tucker
*Vice Chair- Senator Fitzsimmons Confirmations *Chair- Senator Green
*Vice Chair- Senator Facemire Economic Development *Chair- Senator Williams
*Vice Chair- Senator Cann Education *Chair- Senator Plymale
*Vice Chair- Senator Wells Energy, Industry and Mining *Chair- Senator Facemire
*Vice Chair- Senator Kirkendoll Enrolled Bills *Chair- Senator Cookman
*Vice Chair- None Finance *Chair- Senator Prezioso
*Vice Chair- Senator Facemire Government Organization *Chair- Senator Snyder
*Vice Chair-Senator Miller Health and Human Resources *Chair- Senator Stollings
*Vice Chair- Senator Jenkins Interstate Cooperation *Chair- Senator Kirkendoll
*Vice Chair- Senator Cookman Judiciary *Chair- Senator Palumbo
*Vice Chair- Senator Tucker Labor *Chair- Senator Yost
*Vice Chair- Senator Hall Military *Chair- Senator Wells
*Vice Chair- Senator Yost Natural Resources *Chair- Senator Laird
*Vice Chair- Senator Edgell Pensions *Chair- Senator Jenkins
*Vice Chair- Senator McCabe Rules *Chair- Senator Kessler
*Vice Chair- None Select Committee on Children and Poverty *Chair- Senator Unger
*Vice Chair- Senator Edgell Transportation and Infrastructure *Chair- Senator Beach
*Vice Chair- Senator Kirkendoll *Senate Committees* *19 Committees
*each has its own purpose
*5-20 members per committee
*no limit on how many you can be on
*divided to take care of certain things
*How long can you stay on one? it depends on what the President says. *Senate Committees* *Process of bills (purpose)
*you are chosen by the President
*President decides each chair
*Committees meet anywhere
*They move to the next bill or they study the one they are on (after)
*Finance and the Judiciary Committees meet the most
* All Come together daily *House Committees* *18 Committees
*have their own purpose
*18-25 members per committee
*No limit on how many you can be on
*Divided based on a proportion
*How long can you stay on one? For the two year Legislature *House Committees* *To review legislation and report it back (purpose)
*You are chosen by the Speaker
*Speaker decides who is Chair
*Some have rooms to meet(Education, Finance, Judiciary, and Government Organization)
*Chair sets the agenda, and then goes to the house floor (after)
*Judiciary and Finance meet the most
*Committees meet daily Current Bills * SB-28: Relating to minors obtaining tattoos
Status: Pending
Committee: Judiciary
*Not letting kids get tattoos
until a certain age
*Deciding what age with parental consent Senate Current Bills House of Delegates HB-2048: authorizing the sale of prohibited fireworks
Status: Pending
Committee: Government Organization
*sales tax on fireworks to be ten percent
*Proceeds from firefork taxes go to volunteer fire departments * Chair- Delegate Walker
* Vice Chair- Delegate Manypenn * Chair- Delegate Moore
* Chair- Delegate Guthrie
* Vice Chair- Delegate Ferns
* Vice Chair- Delegate Hartman * Chair- Delegate Fleischauer
* Vice Chair- Delegate Ferro * Chair- Delegate Poling, M.
* Vice Chair- Delegate Stowers * Chair- Delegate Wells
* Vice Chair- Delegate Barill * Chair- Delegate White
*Vice Chair- Delegate Reynolds *Chair- Delegate Perdue
*Vice Chair- Delegate Perry * Chair- Delegate Skaff
*Chair- Delegate Poling, D.
*Vice Chair- Delegate Campbell, D.
*Vice Chair- Delegate Diserio *Chair- Delegate Morgan
*Vice Chair- Delegate Stephens *Chair- Delegate Craig
*Vice Chair- Delegate Pino *Chair- Delegate Miley
*Vice Chair- Delegate Manchin *Chair- Delegate Hunt
*Vice Chair- Delegate Lawernce * Chair- Delegate Smith
* Vice Chair- Delegate Philips * Chair- Delegate Pethtel
*Vice Chair- Delegate Jones * Chair- Delegate Staggers
* Vice Chaie- Delegate Phillips, L. *Chair- Delegate Paxton
*Chair- Delegate Iaquinta
*Vice Chair- Delegate Eldridge
*Vice Chair- Delegate Longstreth * Chair- Speaker Thompson
* Vice Chair- None *Chair- Delegate Williams
*Vice Chair- Delegate Moye Purposes
* Anything having to do with agriculture
*Gardens Purposes *Relates to money
*Structural Settlements
*Different Insurances
*Banking and FInancial Issues Purposes *Things that have to do with the amendment
*Reposed amendment Purpose *Any type of school
*School problems
*Bills that have to do with schooling Purposes * Deals with passed bills
* Makes sure the bill is ready to go to the governor Purposes * State budget
* Any bill dealing with finance must go through them
*Checks and balances Purposes * Oversight of boards
* Overseas roles
* Keeps things organized Purposes *Public health interest
*Any taxes to do with humans and their health
*Any bill that deals with the health of humans Purposes *Deals with mine safety
*Business codes
*Income taxes Purposes * State to state issues or conflicts
*Manages state problems Purposes * Courts
* Crime
*Crime Code (punishments) Purposes * Coal
*Natural Gas Purposes *Retirement money
*What happens after retirement
*Pension system Purposes *Local bills
*Towns and Cities
*Specific location Purposes *Motor vehicles
*County road system
*Tolls Purposes * Most important committee
*Decides what goes on the calendar
*Decides what bills get adopted
*What should happen to the bill after session Purposes * Medicade
*Issues surrounding Purposes *Care for veterans
*Help protect citizens *Farming
*Agricultural activites Purposes * Money
* Insurances
*Companies banking Purposes *Governors appointment
*Confirming Bills Purposes *Economy
*Development Purposes *All Schools
*Bills concering schools
*School issues Purposes *Natural Gas
*Timber Purposes *Bills they have already seen
*Bills to come
*Disscussion of bills Purposes *Money
*Bills that deal with money
*Checks and Balances Purposes *State Agencies
*Overseas roles Purposes *Hospitals
*People's health
*Bills that have to do with human health Purposes *Judges
*Crime Purposes *Management of employees
*Their jobs
*Employed workers Purposes *Rivers
*State Parks Purposes *State to state issues
*Deals with state problems Purposes *Family poverty
*Hunger in general
*Help for families Purposes *Bridges
*Motor vehicles
*Transportation in general Purposes *Agendas in the capital
*Decide what goes on the calendar
*Talks about the bills Purposes *State guard
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