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Infer- Dodson

No description

Clayton Dodson

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Infer- Dodson

Inferencing Infer to assume by using reasoning What can you INFER from the following video? How will the graduate feel when he finds out the truth? Did you guess he was going to be mad or disappointed? The author didn't tell us he would be mad. We INFERRED it! What can you infer about this next
video? Why is everyone so happy for
the monk? The Flaming Penguins are playing the
Purple Unicorns in the conference play off
basketball game. There is a tie, 44-44. There
are only 8 seconds left and the Unicorns have
the ball. The Unicorns dribble down the court.
He shoots the ball. The Unicorn fans go WILD
with cheers! Using your inferencing skills,
who won the basketball
game? Corie had a Spanish
test on Wednesday. She
studied all night on Tuesday.
She got his test back the next
day. She said, "My mom is going
to kill me!" How did Corie do on
her test? How do you
know? What can you
infer about this next picture? Why is is only
ordering a salad. Why is Dennis getting
a spanking? Use your schema:
background knowledge
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