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layers of the atmosphere:

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becca walo

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of layers of the atmosphere:

The troposphere is the layer we live in. it starts at earth's surface and goes up 9-20 feet. an average thinkness of this layer is 10 kilometers. contains most of air. has differences in air temperature, humidity, and wing occur. this is the only layer with weather, and the thickness of it depends on the seasons. Also its the warmest layer.
The stratosphere is 10- 50 km above Earth's surface. It contains almost no moisture or dust and a layer of ozone. It is a lot warmer near the top. It contains the jet stream, which normally travels from west to east.
The mesosphere goes 50-80 km above earth's surface. the coldest tempeture it gets to is -90 degrees celcius, in the upper part of the layer. in this layer,meteors burn up while entering the atmosphere, we see this as a shooting star.
The thermosphere is 80- 300 km above earth. It is the least understood layer in the atmosphere and is very difficult to measure. It has extremely thin air. The thermosphere is the first layer heated by the sun and can have sun spots and flares up to 1500 degrees celcius. It also contains the Ionosphere.
layers of the atmosphere:
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