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"Juan Verdades: The Man Who Couldn't Tell a Lie"

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christina caporrino

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of "Juan Verdades: The Man Who Couldn't Tell a Lie"

Question # 4
Everyone calls him Juan Verdades, not Valdez, because Verdades must be the Spanish word for “truth” and Juan Verdades is very truthful.
"Juan Verdades: The Man Who Couldn't Tell a Lie"
This story's genre is a folktale, which are stories that were first told orally. Some important characteristics of a folktale are they show the customs and beliefs of a culture and many are about people whose actions reveal important truths about life.

Question # 2

The setting of this story is in a Spanish-speaking country.

Question # 3
el manzano real
is special because the tree produces the most delicious apples that grow sweeter and more flavorful than of any other tree in the region.
Question # 5
Don Arturo makes an agreement with don Ignacio and bets that he can make Juan Verdades tell a lie within two weeks. If he fails, he will give don Ignacio his ranch. If he wins, he gets don Igancio’s ranch.
Question # 6
Yes don Arturo's wife believes he is an honest man because she starts to cry when her husband tells her about the bet. She cries because she believes they will lose their ranch.

Question # 7
They make a secret plan to have Juan Verdades fall in love with Araceli. I think they make this plan because this must have something to do with their goal of getting Juan to tell a lie.
Question # 8
Araceli begins to fall in love with Juan Verdades.
Question # 9
Juan Verdades decide to pick the apples for Araceli because he is in love with her, and he wants to make her happy.
Question # 10
Juan Verdades decides that he cannot lie, but he also could not tell don Ignacio what he did.
Question # 11
Juan Verdades tells a riddle to explain what he had done, without saying directly that he had done it.
Question # 12
Araceli planned all along to get Juan Verdades to marry her. She knew that by doing this, the ranch would stay in the family even though her father would lose the bet.
Question # 13
This folktale shows that the culture values honesty and also cleverness.
Question # 1
Question # 14
The theme of this story is honest people are rewarded for being truthful.
This theme is told throughout this folktale through the character’s actions and motivations. For example, on page 508, Juan Verdades is so honest that he cannot even lie to a tree.
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