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HBR: Virtuoso Teams

No description

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of HBR: Virtuoso Teams

HBR: Virtuoso Teams
Handouts for
Principles for
virtuoso teams
Challenge the Customer
Virtuoso teams believe that customers want more, not less

Opportunities -Think out of the box

Turn around -Disadvantage to Advantage
What is a virtuoso team?
team — groups of top experts in their fields
Make Work a Contact Sport
Abdulrahman Alhazmi
Zhijia Li
Enning Zhang
Maksim Avdyushkin
Sant Parkash Singh
Madhuree Juddoo

vs. a regular team?
Virtuoso Team Members

Great Performance
Building the Group Ego
What is EGO ?
Keep the Team less stressed.
Help individual performance
Strive for excellence
Everyone should be on the same pattern
Herd the Cats
1. Assemble the stars
2. Build the group ego
3. Make work a contact sport
4. Challenge the customer
5. Herd the cats

If you allow the most brilliant minds in your organization to collide and create, the result will be true excellence.
herd me!
What do group ego want ?
Work independently, no scrutiny from above;
Have top priority and access to any resources.
Their conclusions will be the final conclusions.

Paired off individual team members;
Understand if the team failed, he would fail too;
Transform itself from a collection of egocentric individuals into one great totality
How to deal with conflicts
Assemble the Stars
Traditional Teams
• More concerned with doing
than thinking
• Assume that execution is
more important than
generating breakthrough
• Team assignments fall to
people who seem to be
able to get the work done

Virtuoso Teams
• Thinking is more important
than doing
• Team members hired for
their skills and willingness
to take up big challenges
• Team leaders push
members to reach their
potential within the context
of the team objectives

• Not shy
• Willing to take on risky ventures away from
well-trodden paths
• Love daunting challenges
• Accept the risk of exposure and career damage
if they fail
• Give their utmost to assure that innovation

• Requires great people
• Virtuoso team members engage in
high-energy contests
• Atmosphere filled with “electricity and hate”
• Members have big egos and greedy ambition
• Engaged in nasty tugs-of-war with one another
• Need each other skills, not peace and quiet

Make Work a Contact Sport
1. Choose members for their
2. Emphasize the individual
3. Focus in the
4. Work together
5. Address

What is a Contact Sport?
Usually breaks up: sheer physical, intellectual, and emotional demands
Make Work a Contact Sport
If the team members

remain passionately interested


will work long and hard
Intense pressure on the team
Individual players energize each other
Inescapable physical closeness
Make Work a Contact Sport
Make Work a Contact Sport
I am the #! best
oh, really?
An example of environment? check out Norsk Hydro
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