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No description

Brendan McRae

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Instalok

Group Members
Patrick, Tony and Chris are all friends that started a channel where they make songs based on a game that they started playing about a year ago called League of Legends.
About the group
When the group started playing the game, one of them made his own parody of a popular song with references to the game as a joke. Since he did it so well even though it was a joke, they started a channel and started putting out videos. Chris and Patrick sing while Tony makes the song beat and puts all of it together.
About their songs
Their electronic songs are either parodies of popular songs or new songs put together from scratch, all made just by the group of them.
Song popularity
The channel on Youtube grew extremely quickly as soon as their second song came out, shooting from 30,000 subscribers to over 390,000 today. Their first song has over 3.1 Million views while the latest one put out, only 3 days ago, has over 692,000 views.
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