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"Emotional" vocabulary

No description

Yuliya Kraus

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of "Emotional" vocabulary

EMOTIONS ... is an adjective that describes
feeling disappointed and unsuccessful. synonyms
unsucccessful When you can't get what you want, or you're stuck in some way, you'll experience ... . A spelling competitor who almost wins will feel ... . The thing that causes you to feel this way can also be called a ... — like your moody sister, the ... of your home life. ... comes from the Latin "a deception or a disappointment." When you ... someone, you do your best to annoy, confuse, or even torment that poor person. Maybe you constantly change your mind — that's sure to ... anyone who tries to make plans with you. ... is an adjective that describes
something of excellent quality. ... can also mean a sudden intuition or idea, or something that arouses your desire to take action. You may find that doing some routine provides ... (gets your creative juices flowing), like going for a walk, looking at art, or reading a great poem. ... can also mean breathing in or inhaling. synonyms
glorious ... comes from the Latin word that means to inflame or to blow in to. When you ... something, it is as if you are blowing air over a low flame to make it grow. Studying for your test will ... confidence in you. Successful people often have a role model who ...ed them to greatness. When you are ..., you are very concerned
or worried, but it can also refer to when
you are quite interested in something. synonyms
troubled When a scary or unpleasant event is looming you might feel some ... . You might also feel ... about passing chemistry, especially if you’ve missed a lot of classes. Deep breathing, playing relaxing music, and medication have all been known to help reduce ... .
He looked up ... in my face, as much as to say, ‘Do you think the poor thing can live?’
“Surely you will not get mixed up with Jones again?” asked Shirley ... If you're ... you are sure about
something, someone, or yourself. synonyms
self-assured ... comes from the Middle French word of the same spelling, which means "firmly trusting, bold." You can have ... in yourself, another person, your country, even your rain boots — what you put your ... in will not let you down. When you are ... , you are feeling
satisfaction with yourself. If you know someone with the negative kind of ..., you might notice that his ... makes it hard for people to like him. For example, you might have too much ... to ask for help when you need it. You might ... yourself on being punctual. synonyms
beamy If you are ... about something,
you can't think clearly. ... involves disorder, whether it's mixed up thoughts or plain old chaos. If everyone is screaming and running around, there's a lot of ... . If you don't understand a math problem, you could be in a state of ... . If you ... two things, you are not correctly identifying them.
A lot of people get ...ed by the differences among "their," "they're," and "there." To ... the situation even further, there's "theirs" and "there's synonyms
mixed-up You can use the adjective ... to
describe being really pleased
or happy with something. When you like someone, you might say, "She is an absolute ...."
The word ... derives from the Latin delectare "to charm," which also gives us delectable, and the same lighthearted sense of pure, uncomplicated pleasure

They do small things delicately and ... , but the great works are still to come.
Then meeting his gaze she lowered her own, and looked ... shy.
Young, F.E. Mills synonyms
charmed Does the sight of a snake fill you
with panic and the desire to run
away as quickly as possible? If so
, you have a ... of snakes. But any kind of courage or bravery is not about being ... .
Short was top seed while Jones, 23, added to his growing reputation as a ... attacker.

Suddenly a ... cry was heard through all the Cossack ranks.
Before sleep could close his eyelids he heard a ... voice over his head exclaiming:—“Shall I fall down?
Kingscote If you agree with or approve of a cause,
person, idea, or the like, you ... it.
If you ... a certain charity, you may
donate your time or money to the cause. Open match played before a crowd of chanting ... for both men. synonyms
hold synonyms
He thanks the fans for being so ... .
He can be seen before games in the indoor cage right alongside his players, offering instruction and a ... influence.
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