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Puritan Clothing

No description

Victoria Lujan

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Puritan Clothing

Puritan Clothing Back in the 1600's the puritans didn't have the kind of clothing options we have today. They couldn't go out to the mall and buy clothes and shoes like we can. They had to make their own clothes. They made their clothes from cotton and sheep wool. They also used animal fur for clothing. Women would spin flax or wool into thread which was made into cloth for clothes. Making clothes was a lot of work. When you think of clothing from the 1600's, something like this would pop into your mind.. Yes, that is correct, but the plain black and white ensemble was mainly worn to church for worship. Their clothes were actually very colorful. from the 1600's MENS' CLOTHING! Normally you would think that men would have simple attire but in the 1600's, it was different. Men had eight parts to their normal day clothing. WOMENS' CLOTHING! Surprisingly, the women had only six pieces to their normal day clothing. They were a bit more simple than women are today. CHILDREN'S CLOTHING! The children in the 1600's dressed basically the same as the adults. The boys wore what the men did and the girls wore what the women wore. That is all for my presentation. I hope you enjoyed it.
Thanks for your attention! (: I Love You
Ms. Moody!
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