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general presentation

Sherri Webb

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Diversity

Our organization is an INTERNATIONAL PLATFORM for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential to provide positive impact on society We are an international platform, which due to
its history and scope provides the ability to think
worldwide, therefore develops Global Mindset. We are focused on activating leadership, and we
see the need of driving change through a new
generation of leaders with an innovative and
Entrepreneurial Outlook. We want to make a positive impact in society
and evoke long-term change by demonstrating
Social Responsibility We are young people, who are growing up while
creating networks and authentic relationships
with each other, becoming more open, respectful,
and therefore building our Emotional Intelligence. We explore and develop our own abilities
through Proactive Learning and therefore
unlock potential of ourselves and others. 5 competencies that are developed within our members who complete unique AIESEC eXPerience make them to become Change Agents: GCM helps us to fulfill our global vision OPEN GCM for personal development GCM for organizational management @XP + GCM TM processes & Competency mngmnt GCM for ALL funtional areas FAIR, and INCLUSIVE work environment there are 3 main sections of this WIKI General description of GCM2010:
Competencies ~ definitions ~ behavioural examples and using this platform, our members develop
5 competencies young
people @XP Change
Agents input process output from organizational point of view, in 2 words: while becoming Change Agents, our members can create positive impact on society and realize our dream of Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind's Potential @XP describes the PROCESS
and GCM describes the final RESULT of this process check materials in "How to use?" section! check materials in "How to use?" section!
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