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3rd Grade Reading Law

No description

J. Tiggs

on 2 November 2017

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Transcript of 3rd Grade Reading Law

3rd Grade Reading Law
Parent Meeting

What do I need to know as a parent (cont.)?
Extra support:
Reading improvement plan will occur in small groups during the school day. Your child will not miss regular reading instruction. (Needed Areas)

 Starting in the
school year, in order to be promoted from 3rd to 4th grade, your child must score less than one year behind on the state reading assessment, or demonstrate a 3rd grade reading level through an alternate test or portfolio of student work.

 If you are notified your child may be retained, you have the right to meet with school officials and to request, within 30 days, an exemption if in the best interest of your child. The district superintendent will make the final decision.
Additional Tips
 Talk to and with your kids a lot — knowing more words helps kids to better understand the words they read.

 Encourage writing — Let children write the sounds they hear; spelling is developmental and a work in progress.

 Be involved in your child’s education and support the reading plan if your child has one.
What do I need to know as a parent?
Your child's reading growth will be closely monitored from kindergarten

If your child is not reading where expected, a plan to improve reading will be created.
What does this mean?
1. The school will work with your child to find where your child needs support in his/her reading development 2. Create a plan to support him or her
This plan includes:
Extra instruction or support in areas of need.
Ongoing checks on reading progress.
A read-at-home plan that encourages you and your child to read and write outside of the school day.
Your child may be encouraged to participate in summer reading programs or afterschool tutoring.

What is the law about?
WHAT: Boost reading achievement, Michigan lawmakers passed Public Act 306 in October 2016.

WHY: To help more students be proficient by the end of 3rd grade, the law requires extra support for K-3 students who are not reading at grade level.
More students will achieve a score of at least proficient in ELA on the M-STEP test

LAW: A child may be retained in 3rd grade if they are one or more grade levels behind in reading at the end of 3rd grade starting in 2019-2020.
What can I do to support my child?
Read at home with your child daily with books they enjoy —even in the summer. Some ways to do
 Read out loud to your child.

 Listen to your child read.

 Echo read (You read a line, then they repeat).
 Read together at the same time.

 Reread or retell favorite stories.

 Talk to your child about the reading.
As you read:
 Ask your child to share what they remember.

 Ask questions about the reading.

 Talk about your favorite parts, what you’ve learned, or who is in the book and what they do.

 Talk about the pictures in the book how they connect to the words on the page.

 Help connect the stories to your child’s life or other books you’ve read.
Further Reading on the Law
Metro Parent https://www.metroparent.com/daily/education/school-issues/michigans-new-3rd-grade-reading-law-mean-kids/


Source: http://www.richmond.k12.mi.us/UserFiles/Servers/Server_1271683/File/3rd%20Grade%20Reading%20Law/3rd%20Grade%20Parent%20Flyer.pdf
November 2017


http://www.funbrainjr.com/games/ http://pbskids.org/daniel/stories/



PA 306 will affect the 2016-2017 kindergarteners which are currently in 1st grade by 3rd grade

Won’t be promoted to 4th grade unless they
Receive a reading score of less than 1 year behind on grade 3 ELA state assessment
Show a grade 3 reading level on another test approved by superintendent of public instruction
Show a grade 3 reading level through a portfolio, or collection of a student work in all grade 3 ELA standards

Only required to repeat 3rd grade once
State and district will notify you if your child may be required to retained.

You as the parent have the right to:
Ask in writing for a good cause exemption with the school or district within 30 days of notifications

Request a meeting with school officials to discuss if your child qualifies for a good cause exemption
How will this affect my child in 3rd grade?
Most of the day will be spent on reading instruction.

Will receive an Individual Reading Improvement Plan (IRIP) and get extra support

Progress is monitored.
What if my child already has an IEP?
Student needs should be outlined in an IEP and is being addressed

Accommodations selected for classroom, district and state assessments should mirror that which is provided during instruction.

All students are required to be assessed in K-3 to screen and diagnose reading difficulties, inform instruction and intervention needs, and assess progress towards a growth target under MCL 380.1280f.

Students with IEPs are not exempt from the IRIP
Considerations may be made if your child:
Has an IEP or 504 Plan
Is an English Language Learner
Has had Intensive Intervention for 2 years and was previously retained
Is Enrolled in the current district for less than 2 years and did not receive reading support in their previous district
Is at grade level in all other subjects
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