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Q 1&2


chloe yan

on 11 February 2017

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Transcript of Q 1&2


How to response
1. come straight to the point
2. fully developed and with enough details
make someone
a good parent
Explain why
these characteristics are important to you.
For the most desperate ones:

1. Templates

2. Collapse period
How to win a war
1. A General
2. A Strategist
3. Solder
As far as I am concerned, the person
is the most memorable to me is my middle school P.E. teacher.
I believer this for the following reasons.

he taught me
to play many d
ifferent sports, like baseball, basketball, and soccer,

Second of


he did
just teach me how to play sports; he

me in
He taught me that doing my best is always important than
winning or losing
It is
all of these things
him the most memorable person in my life.
Of all of
the people that I can think of, I admire Abraham Lincoln
more than
anyone else in history.
First of all,
he led the United States through one of its most difficult periods during the
Civil War.
President Lincoln was the man most responsible for
preserving the United States
Lincoln is the epitome of the
self-made man
. He was born in
a log cabin,

educated himself,
and became very successful
thanks to
his hard work.
In my opinion, I think that Rome is the best place to live.
For one thing,
Rome is
ideal combination of
modern and traditional styles
By living there
, a person can experience modern life
while also
learning about
the past
In addition,
visitors come to Rome from all over the world.
International visitors
make the city more interesting,
is why I
feel that Rome is the best place to live.
feel that the most valuable person in my group is my father. My group,
of course,
is my family.
I feel this way because
my father is only person in my family who works.
This means that

the m
oney he earns
enables my family to live
. He helps my family live in
a nice house, have enough to eat, and take one or two trip every year.
My father does a good job of taking care of us.
Another reason is
that he instructs me on how to be a good person. He has taught me
good manners and shown me the proper ways to act towards other people.

Thanks to
his instructions, I feel that I've become a much better person.
William Shakespeare
to be
the most admirable person in history.
There are a couple of reasons for this. First,
he wrote
a large number of
excellent plays in his lifetime.
these plays covered many
different genres
, so he was a very versatile writer, too.
he understood a lot about
human nature and behavior.
His play can still teach people lessons even today.
The biggest decision I ever made in my life was deciding
university to attend. I had a choice of two universities, one near my home and one far away.
The one
far away had
good facilities, the best professors, and a good reputation
I decided to go there even though it was
It was a
tough choice,
has influenced my whole life.
because of this choice, I met some
wonderful people

became friends for life.
I studied with some
excellent professors,
and one of them helped me
get a great job offer
after I graduated.
If I hadn’t gone
to this university, my whole life
would have been
feel that a good leader needs to
be unselfish, to lead by example, and to be a good listener.

a leader shouldn’t be selfish and only think about what is good for him. He needs to do
is best for the group he is leading.
he must lead by example.
This means
that he has to
do exactly
what he asks others to do.
a leader must be a good listener. He can’t just do what he thinks is right. He should listen to
the opinions of others.
Of course, the final decisions are his, but he needs to understand the opinions of the group he is leading.
For me, the subject I want to learn more about is history.
One reason is
that it is important to learn about the past.
For example,
I enjoy reading the news in the paper and on the Internet.
news articles
commonly refer to
happened back in the past.
I know more about history, I cannot
understand the importance of
references the articles are making.

Another reason is
I feel it is important to know history
so that
we won't repeat the mistakes of the past. People often talk about
history repeating itself.

However, if
we know that mistakes people made in similar situations in the past, we might be able to avoid the same problems.
I lack many skills,
the one I’d most like to learn is to be proficient with electronics.
Simply put,
I know nothing about
assembling or fixing electronics
I own many
electronic devices, including a computer, DVD player, and stereo system.
got many wires
to connect before they’ll work. I just can not comprehend
where these wires go and how to put them together properly
I always r
ely on my dad or brother for assistance
these items
break down.
For example,
once my computer had a problem. I tried to fix it but was
lost. When my brother came home, he fixed it
in less than a minute.

If I had had any
electronics skills at all,
I would’t have had
this problem.
What is a skill that you do not have but would like to learn? Please include specific examples and details in your explanation.
Which subject do you want to learn more about? Please include specific examples and details in your explanation.
What are the qualities of a good leader?
the blue ones ?
the pink ones?
the green ones?
How to response
1. What to say (Content)
2. How to be logical
3. How to be more detailed with examples
how to be logical
1. the
magic effect
of adv.
is a must
5. example
7. listing
What was the biggest decision you’ve ever made?
Describe the person you admire the most. Explain why you admire the person. Include details and examples to support your explanation.
Who is the most valuable person in the group you belong to? Why is this person the most valuable? Please include specific examples and details in you explanation.
What is the city you would like to live in the most? Why do you want to live in that city? Include details in you explanation.
Choose a memorable person in your life, and explain why he or she is memorable. Include details in your explanation.
logical structure
logical sentences
how to be more detailed
grammar and sentence staff
sense is not that common
2) Simple is
and less is more.
5) Inversion
the magic effect of adv.
First and foremost, the most self- evident reason why I like the Great Wall so much is
because it symbolizes our Chinese’s great intelligence and hard-work.
The reasons why I am so fascinated with dogs can be best summarized as the followings. As for the
first reason, it is apparently because dog is the most loyal and helpful animal in the world.
What’s more, it
in some way
improves the economic development of China because it attracts thousands of tourists around the world.
Whenever I am down, I always listen to this song and it will
cheer me up.
That was
memorable moment of my life.
The ~~ I found the most~~is …
Open sentence
There are a couple of reasons for this.
On top of all this,
First of all
It is all of these things that had made sb. or sth. the most ......in my life.
University students can choose to live in a community by renting an apartment, or they maybe opt to live in university dormitories. Which do you prefer? Include details and examples in your explanation.
Agree or Disagree:
Format for Paired-Choice Response:
the question (optional)
Some people like to travel alone. Others like to travel with different people. Which option do you prefer and why?
prefer traveling with others to traveling alone.
I feel this way for the following reasons. First,
it is safer to travel with others than to travel alone.
Some places can be dangerous,
so it is safer to travel with a group of people.
you can save money on places like hotels if you travel with others.
Hotels are cheaper if you split the cost with someone else.
Some students like to live off campus, like renting an apartment; while others prefer living on campus, like living in dormitories. Which do you prefer and why? Include details and examples.
Personally speaking, I prefer living off campus

like rent an apartment.

because I am really crazy about
listening to music loud,


I don’t want to bother others.

And also,
snore very heavily at night when I am sleeping.
You see, a person like me has no choice but to live off campus.
I want to have my own privacy.
I can’t imagine that 5 or 6 people stick together. I don’t want my roommates to know whom I am calling , dating; what books I am reading or what movies I am watching.
I would rather die if I have to live on campus.
Some people prefer having meals at Chinese restaurants, but some others prefer American-style fast food like KFC and McDonald’s. Which do you prefer and explain why.
I think American style fast food would be better. First, because of
its fast service, I can save a lot of time.

For example

If I have fast food, it only takes about 30 minutes, while if I have Chinese food, it will be an hour.

Another reason
is that it tastes good. French fries and Hamburg are my favorite.


eating fast food is a sign of fashion. You see, How can you be fashionable without having fast food in KFC or McDonald’s.
Some high schools require all of their students to wear school uniforms. Other high schools permit their students to decide what to wear to school. Which of these two school policies do you think is better and why? Include details in your explanation.
No uniform
In my opinion, students should be able to wear whatever they want.
For one,
wearing their own clothes allows students to express themselves. Students prefer wearing all kinds of different clothes and colors. Schools should allow the students to
express themselves as individuals.
uniforms take away from students' individuality.
Students don't want to wear the same clothes others are wearing.
they prefer
the kinds of clothes they like, not the ones that the principal tells them to wear.
When it comes to school uniforms, I believe that it is a good idea.
First of all,
uniforms give students
a feeling of togetherness. Students wearing the same uniform will feel closer to their classmates
because of their uniforms.

uniforms can increase school spirits. Many students are proud of their uniforms, and this, in turn, makes them proud of their schools.
Some people prefer to shop for fruit and vegetables in supermarket chains. Others prefer outdoor markets. Which do you think is better and why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your preference.
Personally, I prefer to shop for my fruits and vegetables at outdoor markets instead of at supermarkets.
The first reason
hat the produce I purchase at outdoor markets is often fresher than the produce sold at the supermarkets.
For example,
many times, the people selling the fruits and vegetables are
the farmers who grew the products.
came straight from the farm,
I know that they’re fresh.
Another important thing
is that you can often
negotiate the price at outdoor markets, which is something you can’t do when you shop at supermarkets.
By negotiating the price, this lets you save money, especially
when you buy large amounts of produce.
Some students prefer to study in traditional school classrooms. Others prefer to take classes over the Internet. Which method of study do you think is better and why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your preference.
I am the kind of person who prefers to take traditional classes when I study.
To begin with,
the quality of the instruction is better in traditional class. I find it easier to understand a subject
by listening to the professor lecture and by interacting with the other students in class.

I don’t understand somethings, I can
ask a question and get an immediate answer
Second of all,
it helps to know your professors so that he can
become your mentor.
Having a mentor is very important for a student.
For instance,
the professor
could provide references
for you to
get into graduate school or the get a job after graduating.

So, for those reasons,
I would much rather take traditional classes than online classes.
I would rather take online classes than traditional ones.
online classes are cheaper, so I can save money by taking them.
For example,
I don’t have
to live near the university, where housing is usually more expensive.
also don’t
have to
spend any time and money on transportation, which can be expensive.

online classes are more convenient than traditional ones. This would enable me to
stay in my hometown and live with my parents while I’m studying.
I can also
get a job while I study and be much more flexible.
In other words, I don’t have to c
hange me entire life just to get an education.

So, for these reasons, I
think studying online is better than studying in a traditional classroom setting.
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Music and art should have the same value as other subjects at school such as math and science. Give specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.
I think music and art should have the same value as other courses.
they are part of our society. Appreciating music and art can make you

On the other hand,
if all we studied
was math and science,

we’d be like robots and never appreciate the beauty of our world.

studies have shown that people
with comprehensive educations
are more valuable
in the workforce
. Many universities now require students to take
some core curriculum
they pick a major.

This gives
them some knowledge in many areas and provides them
with flexibility
in choosing their careers.
For these reasons,
I believe art and music should have the same value as other courses.
I believe art and music
shouldn’t have the same value as
other courses.
First of all,
they have no practical use in the real world.
Simply put,
no one cares if
I can play the piano or draw well when I apply for a job
art and music shouldn’t be considered important classes.
Another important thing
is that some people have no talent for art and music, so giving grades in these classes is unfair. If a student with little artistic or musical talent got a bad grade in a class, it
might affect his chances of getting into college or even graduating from college.
Therefore, for these reasons
, I think art and music shouldn’t have the same value as other courses.
Some people save all of their extra money. Others spend their extra money on purchasing various things. Which kind of person are you and why? Use specific reasons and examples to support our preference.
I believe that it’s better to save any extra money I have.
Having that
extra cash
saved gives me some peace of mind.
For instance,
someone in my family or I could have an emergency and need the extra money

hospitals can be expensive.

the future is uncertain,
I could possibly lose my job. If I lost my job, and had no saving, I wouldn’t be able to pay for my
apartment, food, or anything.

Some people recommend you have at least three month’s salary saved in case you lose your job.

These are the main reasons
I think it’s better to save extra money than to spend it.
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
Computers have made people’s lives better. Give specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.
I think that computers have not made our lives better.

To begin with,
many people waste their time
using computers to play games or to use the Internet
Simply put
they have no friends or social lives
outside of their computers. Some people
lose their jobs or fail their classes
they spend all of their time using their computers for fun.
there is the problem of privacy and Internet crime. Experts can attack your computer and get your private information, such as
your bank account and credit card numbers,
from it.
there are a lot of people trying to trick others into giving them money by making false claims.
Overall, these reasons prove that
computers have not made our lives better.
1.stating your preference
I prefer A to B.
I like A better/more than B.
For me, A is much better than B.
I'd rather A than B.
I think/believe that A is better than B.
In my opinion, A is better than B.
Given the choice of A and B, I would choose~~
2.giving reasons

I prefer ~~ because S+V

There are several reasons why I prefer~~

The first /second/last/final reason is that S+V
3. giving supporting details
1)comparing & contrasting
S+V, but S+V
S+V ~~while S+V
On the other hand, S+V
In contrast/ On the contrary, S+V
Although/though S+V, S+V

That means that S + V What I'm saying is that S + V
POPE & A or B
The Self-deceiving ETS

Agree偶然or Disagree
Some do A~~; Others do B~~;
which do you prefer?
Which is the most ~~~?
A,B or C?
Talk about an X~~

What are Xes~~
Describe an X
Describe the differences between the two Xes~~
Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of one X
Do you have any advice/suggestions on~~?
0615MN--Task 1
Talk about two schools that you attended and their differences. Give specific examples and details in your response.
0526MN-Task1 Your friend has been offered a job that's far away from his hometown. Do you think he should take it or not? Give specific reasons and details to support your response. 
Which of the following do you think it's the best way to get to know a new school, joining a one-day campus tour, spending a weekend on the campus play field or auditing lectures?
If one of your friends wants to open a restaurant, what kind of suggestions do you have on food and locations. Use specific reasons and examples to support your response.
0316MN-Task 1
Talk about a thing you always wanted to do but didn't have time to yet. Explain why you want to do it, give examples and details in your explanation.
analyzing questions
Variation & Invariant
enough for you to prepare for a question like this?
TPO8--Talk about
a time
when a friend or a family member
helped you
in the past. Describe
the person helped you then
explain why
this was important to you.
1 out of 3
open open
cons & pros
1 out of 2
The reasons are as follows.
I remember it well because~~~
````for a few reasons.
I believe this for the following reasons.
And there are a couple of reasons to name.
In my opinion,~~is~~…
Basically I think that…
Personally I’d prefer …
Well in my opinion I believe that…
Personally, I believe there is no person in~~ more ~~ than ~~~~
When I ~~~, I ~~~~
No ~~~ in my life is more ~~~ to me than ~~~.
To begin with,
For one,
Second of all,
And also,
That's why~~~
For these reasons, ~~ is the ~~ person in my life.
These combined to make~~~

Success can only be measured by the money you earn. Do your agree or disagree with the statement? Include details and explanation.
a position (opening sentence)
your choice by stating:
2 advantage of A
1 advantage of A + 1 disadvantage of B
2 disadvantage of B
I prefer to ~~~
I agree/disagree
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