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No description

Fortalice Limited

on 17 February 2017

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Address training
What your practice can do
Quotation 1
Training and Engagement
Top Tips for Referrals
We are planning on developing a second tier of training that will enhance the skills and knowledge base that you will have gained from your initial training.

This will be a further 1 or 2 hours.

Please can you contact us to arrange this.
01204 365 677
There are a few things that we would like to bring to your attention.
Firstly, we would be grateful if you would:
Avoid providing our telephone number for patients to contact us, i.e, promoting self referrals.

It is
as a practice, as patients, generally, do not self refer.
This could be due to potential chaotic life, anxiety, fear, thinking that they aren't being abused, "someone else is worse off than me", embarrassment, shame, etc.
It is
not always safe
to provide our number.
People who abuse often check phones, monitor calls, patient may not have credit to call us, etc.
Get consent and refer whilst patient is still with you
Or refer ideally within 24 hours of seeing patient.

Secondly when referring you can either:

Email referrals securely

via CJSM to BOTH of us

Or call us and we will take a telephone referral - 01204 365 677
lubna.latif @fortalice.cjsm.net

Issue 2 March 2017
The Story So Far....
IRIS Bolton leads nationally

Male Referrals
We are now heading into our third year of IRIS and are delighted to say that the project has been received very positively in Bolton.
We are proud to say that we are leading nationally with number of referrals and surgeries trained.

Since December 2014 we have:
Received 288 referrals
Worked with:
10 males : 278 females
Identified that:
1 in 4 patients are subject to MARAC
IRIS trained
49/52 surgerys in Bolton
behaviour change
male victims
marac referrals - more detail


The IRIS team would like to thank all Bolton
GP practices for fully engaging with the project and supporting male and female victims of domestic abuse and violence.
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