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Capstone: Directing

Capstone Presentation about film directors

Michael Brown

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Capstone: Directing

Directing Head Hands Heart directors take overall responsibility for the look, sound and style of a film What does a director do? Typical work activities include: Movies measure who you are. Movies are the greatest proof we change, often drastically, from decade to decade, if not some of us from year to year.
Steven Spielberg Interpreting the script developing storyboards directing actors managing technical detials making decisions about location and design The Director is responsible for creating an added value that only emerges from the combination of the parts into a well-made film. The Director is the only creative member of the team that bears the whole work in mind. Past Work... Video 1 Final: Sirens (Freshman Project)

Film A-Z Final: Bury
(Sophomore Project) Directing Projects: Other Projects: Corporate Video:
CYC Promo Video
(Junior Project) Documentary:
Bliss - Story Editor Multi-Cam:
Directed 2 Episodes Recent Work (as in like now) Directing Dramatic Production Final ANTE UP Worldview:
Film's Influence: $10.8 Billion in revenues in 2009
Average ticket price: $7.50 1.4 BILLION TICKETS SOLD Make Films with a good message Dont let the message drown out the entertianment Organic Unity Single scenes can be amazing, but they must connect well with the remaining scenes in order to create a film that is even better than the seperate parts. The End Where my desire to make film came from Power of Music Intrigued Me. Light Club The Power of Visual with Sound. conveying your vision to the people you work with. Analytical
Aspect Practical
Skills Worldview
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