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Puerto Rico presentation

A breif presentation of the island of Puerto Rico

Carl Stevens

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Puerto Rico presentation

Puerto Rico Other names include:
La Isla del Encanto Puerto Rico Video made by ramoburg
(YouTube Channel) Juan es su nombre Joannes Est Nomen Eius Puerto Rico is a small
island in the Caribbean
that is owned by the
United States of America
as a Commonwealth. Not much is know about Puerto Rico's history before the Spaniards. The indigenous tribes were not very advanced and only had a few brief records of their history. The first Amerindian culture that settled the island were the Ortoiroid people. They were hunters and fisherman and the oldest know Ortoiroid remains date roughly to 2000BC. The next main tribe was the Igneri which were on the island between the fourth and tenth centuries. The most advanced people that settled the island were the Taínos. They developed between the seventh and eleventh centuries. They called the island Boriken. When translated to English, it means "the great land of the valiant and noble Lord". They were still thriving in Puerto Rico when Columbus arrived in 1493. After the Spaniards arrived, they were exploited and used as slaves. This caused the culture to go extinct. Pre-Columbian era Columbus "discovered" Puerto Rico in 1493, but the first settlement on the island was not made until 1508 by Juan Ponce de León. Spain continued their colonization and had Puerto Rico under their control until 1898 when it was ceded to the United States due to Spain losing the Spanish-American War. Colonization Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the United States and is currently not independent. Puerto Rico was one of many territories ceded to the United States as an outcome of the Spanish-American war in 1898. Independence (Currently not independent) Government Puerto Rico is currently a Commonwealth of the United States. It is governed like a state would be, having its own constitution, house, senate, court, and governor. The leaders of Puerto Rico are the United States President and the Governor of Puerto Rico. President Barack Hussein Obama II
(Democrat) Governor Luis Guillermo Fortuño Burset
(New Progressive Party/Partido Nuevo Progresista) There are no native forces, it is the responsibility of the United States to protect Puerto Rico. Military Since Puerto Rico is part of the United States, it is a mixed economy. Puerto Rico's main exports are pharmaceuticals, electronics, apparel, canned tuna, rum, beverage concentrates, and medical equipment. The main transportation in Puerto Rico is the automobile. Economy The media in Puerto Rico is privately owned. Roughly 33% of people in Puerto Rico have internet(I disagree I think it is atleast 64%) and over 99% of people have cellular phones. Media and Communication According to the CIA Puerto Rico's population is 76.2% Caucasian (mostly Spanish origin) 6.9% African .3% Asian .2% Amerindian 4.4% mixed and 12% others. Puerto Rico is 85% Roman Catholic and 15% Protestant and others. Puerto Rico follows almost all Catholic holidays and traditions. United States holidays are also clebrated. Ethnicities, Religion, Traditions, and Holidays Education/Literacy Rate: 94.1%
Unemployment rate: 14.2%
Poverty level: Very High
Crime Rate: Ridiculously High
Major Crimes: Drug trafficking Property Theft and Homicide(1,130 murders in 2011 roughly 3 murders per day, 19th highest murder rate in world)
Life Expectancy: 79.07 years
Median Age: 37.8 years
Statistics Puerto Rico's main international issues are with the Dominican Republic, especially illegal immigration. Issues with other countries Spain held Puerto Rico for over 400 years against almost all major world powers against all odds. The Puerto Rican forts were usually under-manned, out-gunned, starving, and usually full of sickness. Most interesting thing I learned Castillo de San Cristóbal Castillo San Felipe del Morro EL FINAL
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