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philip h

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

by Philip Hempstead
Relative Location
Italy is in the Mediterranean Sea. Touching Northern Italy is Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland , and France. Italy is to the west of Greece.
Italy's capital is rome
Italy's capital is Rome
Population Size
Italy's population size is 61 million.
-Italian - Official language
There are many different
dialects of Italian.
-English is the main language learned in schools.
Other languages learned in schools are...
-Christian - 80%
-Other - 20%
(Jewish, Protestant
Population Size
Italy's population
size is 61 million.
- Soccer is the most
popular sport. Other
sports are...
-horse racing
-track and field
The Cathedral of Florence
is a big tourist attraction in
Italy. Brunelleschi designed
the dome in 1436.
The Italian Soccer Team
"Gli Azzurri"
Italy wins the world cup against
France in 2006 in penalty kicks.
Italy's currency is the euro
Italy is 116,348 square miles
The seasons
The winters are cold and rainy in the north, cool around Rome, and mild in the south.
The summers are hot in the south, and moderate in the rest of the country
Italy contains some tall mountains.The Alps and the Apennines are some of the largest mountains.
The Po river is one of the most well known rivers of Italy.
There is a great mileage of coastal lowlands (beaches) in the south of Italy.
The GDP per capita is 30,900
In Italy families eat lunch and dinner together. Dinner is typically at 8 oclock and lunch is around one oclock. Meals tend to last 1-4 hours.
In Italy families eat pizza, pasta, meat, and soups. Gelato is a common snack.
Italian literature
by Dante
Hand made pasta
Italy's natural resources are Coal, Mercury, Zinc, Potash, Marble, Barite, Pumice, Flour spar, Feldspar, Fish, Natural gasses and crude oil reserves, and Pyrite
The literacy rate for males is 98.8%
The literacy rate for females is 98%
The majority of students go to public
schools. About half the elementry
schools go from monday to Saturday.
All highschools go from monday to
Rome is one of the most visited cities.
Others are Venice, Florence, Turin, Milan,
and Palermo.

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