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Glamorized Profiling

No description

Wizards Lions

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Glamorized Profiling

How and why do we glamorize our lives with our profiles? We glamorize our profiles in order to gain the respect and attention of our peers.
To show people who we want to be.
To boast our popularity standings at school or with our friends. Prezi is fun and easy to use! We will definitely use this web site again. The only downside to using Prezi is that it's not very easy to spice up or add a human touch and character to. Ross's Profile Lydia's
Kevin's profile Finally got a new bra! You like? Status: Dominated my wrestling
tournament, sometimes it feels
like I'm the only good wrestler
out there! Status: Put a leash around your
women guys cuz Ross is
coming to the party!!! Kinda weak, does anyone know of a bigger rock? Hopefully they'll let me wrestle in this. Love you too baby! Couldn't help it! Couldn't help it, if your boyfriend
Looked like this you'd take pictures too!
Got these this weekend, soccer,
basketball, softball, volleyball. Lydia North> Jordan Mathews: Remember
that time back in high school when we stole P.V.'s
mascot and hung it from the front of the school?
Man those were the days! legit? I think yes! Updated, August 25, 1992 Updated, sepember 16, 1990 Updated July 8, 1995 Status: I miss the good old days :( Status: Super excited for the 10 year
reunion coming up! Little bit nervous
though, going on a diet tomorrow Bet you wish you had gone to prom with me in
high school maddy! Season tickets behind the dug out, probably
because I own the team, NO BIG DEAL! My new neighbor in Akron Ohio, know him? My babe (not just pretending anymore) Status: Suck it, I'm better than you ever were My old car, 380,000 wasn't expensive enough! Status: My stocks are sky-rocketing
thinking about buying another house in the bahamas, or maybe just another island and a fleet of yachts to get me and my ladies there Allie Shockley> Kevin Gray: Hey Kevin, you look SOO good since high school, wanna get together for drinks later? Katie's profile Who took this Picture? I didn't tell them
to, GOD I hate when people do this! He's SO gorgeous but he always leaves the bed messy, he's so inconsiderate Status: Today was a really tough day... Status: Why does EVERYTHING BAD
have to happen to me? Status: Everyone thinks that just because
I'm really pretty my life is easy, nobody understands me!
Status: I just wish things could go back
to the way they were OUCH, I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW BAD THIS HURTS! My poor baby! SeanBrown's Profile Basically I'm a combination of these two people, but smarter than Barack
and way cooler and better looking than Ron Help me help them, any aid you could give me would
be much appreciated
Status: Vote SeanBrown for A.S.B
President, look at me now look at
this guy... Status: Got a new PR today at my track
meet, nine minute 2 mile! Status: Headed to State! Status: I am officially president of Chico
High, destroyed Emily, land slide for sure,
not even sure why i campaigned! They almost caught me After our research we discovered that there are different reasons
for people to glamorize or enhance their lives through their profiles And different ways for people to do this Friend count: 892
Friend count: 765 Kevin Requested friendship of Bianca Applebee and Taylor Lemley
Show 106 similar stories Friend Count: 652 The main reason being Narcissism, people who are self obsessed, have over-inflated egos, and are very concerned with their self-image but often have a low self esteem. The self absorbed The Make-Over The Sympathy Baiter The Self-Promoter The Glory Days 8 Feet baby!

Updated October 7, 1989 People use all of these methods of seeking attention to upgrade their status and improve their stature in the eyes of their peers.
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