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Black Death

No description

Manpriya Arora

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of Black Death


Where in the world?
Where did it spread to?
Originated in China, the plague spread along the great trade routes to Constantinople and then to Europe.
In Europe it wiped out 60% of the European population.
Not enough survivors to bury the dead.
The trade route during the 14th century
Originated in China in 1334, spread along the great trading routes and made its way to Europe
1348-1350 came three terrifying years to the people of Europe
Man turned on each other in acts of cruelty, fathers would leave their sons fear from catching the disease, and friends and families closed their doors on each other
Buboes are developed
Muscle aches
Head aches
Severe body weakness
Pneumonia floods occur within the lungs
Skin begins to produce purple and black blotches
Who was affected by this disease?
What treatment was available then and now?
There wasn't a cure as people weren't aware of what this disease was
The only cure they though were some natural remedies.

As it is bacterial disease it can be treated with anti- biotic.
Can be prevented from spreading by prompt identification, treatment and management of human cases.
A plague doctor
When did it take place? Which era?
Took place in China in the 1330s
Wiped out towns and 60% of Europe's population
Not enough survivors to bury bodies
How long did it last?
Lasted from 1334-1351
Still outbreak occur
Most recent in canada was 1939
How did the disease spread?
The Yersinia pestis is the bacteria carried and spread by fleas
Transmitted by infected fleas between humans and animals
Get it by
-Bite from flea
-Direct contact with infected rodents
-Rarely inhalation of contaminated air
-Rarely ingesting of contaminated food
Contact happens in the wilderness, transporting domestic animals, dead rodents in the house
Was The treatment Successful?
Plague is still possible to catch nowadays
Treatments then were not successful
Treatments now are successful
If a doctor suspects a patient with plague, body tests will be given. this includes: Blood tests, bubo tests and lung tests
Everyone was affected by this disease but it started with merchants and pet- keepers.
Military personal under certain operational conditions or animal handlers in plague endemic areas are at risk.
Extra Information
Other types of the plague:
-Bubonic Plague
very common
infection in lymph nodes which swell (painful)
-Pnuemonic Plague
most deadly
spreads through
=>airborne (coughs/sneezes)
=>direct contact with
-infected body fluids
-contaminated clothing/ bed linens
-Septicemic Plague
occurs with the Bubonic/Pnuemonia Plague
By Manpriya,
, Sara and Ashita!
Thanks for listening!
Sociological and economic effects
feudal system of government accelerated
scarcity of laborers
hence wages increased
rise of prosperous middle class
long-term benefits to survivors grandchildren

economically devastating
93% drop in trade (worse than the Great depression in America)
Jews were not effected as much due to strict diets and hygiene
Jews were blamed to poison wells to kill Christians
Purges against Jews took place every year after the plague hit.
How did this outbreak/disease first occur ?
The black plague first occurred because of a bacterium called YERSINIA PESTIS .

This bacteria infected small rodents like rats, mice and squirrels.
In the past, black rats were the most infected and hungry animals, would go to the dead rat hosts and then to humans in search for bloody meals.
Over a five year period (1347-1352) 25 million people died
How many people died ?
Over a five year period (1347-1352) 25 million people died
Overall the Black Death caused over 200 million deaths
Thanks for listening!!!
Any questions or comments???
What the symptons look like....
A market-place

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Additional facts about this plague :
most common form of plague results in swollen and tender lymph nodes in the armpits or neck
swollen and tender place are named after the buboes which are warm to touch.
Moreover, cats can easily get this disease from flea bites and small infected rodents.
risk of developing is very low. depends where you are
Blood, Gangrene and death are the complications of plague.
Flu like fever
Buboes are developed in the groin, on the neck, and under the arms
Muscle aches

Skin produces purple and black which starts from the finger tips and the finger toes

Pneumonia occurs within the lungs

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