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Technology Impacts

Unit C

david naab

on 23 February 2012

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Transcript of Technology Impacts

Impacts of Technology
can be either
positive or negative Social Economic Political Enviornmental How the invention effects the community How the invention effects laws and leadership (e.g. body of government) How the invention effects the ecosystem and our surroundings How an invention effects our wealth, jobs available, and businesses Cultural How the invention effects our way of life and history "People are better able to understand the world around them when they explore how people of all times and places have used their unique skills to innovate, improvise, and invent." Case Study A power line has been proposed to cross your state to deliver needed electricity to a large metropolitan area.

As you review the next few slides, discuss the positive and negative impacts of this project.

Examples: Recreation facilities, Hiking, cross country skiing, ATV, Places of worship, Clubs and Organizations. Examples: Increased tax base from industry and business, Employment/Jobs Examples:
Historical Building/Town Hall/Church, etc…
Ancient civilizations (burial grounds, native hunting sites, etc…)
Land forms, rivers,
Examples: Loss of habitat and wetlands
Water pollution
Air pollution
Noise pollution
Light pollution Examples: Leadership decision
Laws and enforcement http://www.epa.gov/radtown/power-lines.html
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