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Early Mesopotamian Empires

No description

Tim Endicott

on 3 October 2018

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Transcript of Early Mesopotamian Empires

Crime & Punishment of Mesopotamia
Chapter 2: AMEE
2300 BC Sargon built the first empire known in history by conquering the city-states of Sumer.
1790 BC - Babylonian Empire takes over Mesopotamia
under the rule of Hammurabi
under Hammurabi, the
Code of Hammurabi
was created
didn't create the laws
but mandated that all 300 be carved on a stone pillar for all to see
cause justice to prevail in the land
to destroy the wicked and evil
that the strong may not oppress the weak
first ruler to
all the laws of the land
arrange and set down in writing
two types of laws:
offenses against others
(robbery, assault, murder)
limits personal vengeance/ promotes social order
private rights
matters like business, contracts, property, inheritance, taxes & divorce
the Akkadian Empire
the empire stabilized Mesopotamia - led to advancements in art, literature, and science
Sargon controlled 65+ cities and appointed his daughter as a high priestess to have influence with religion

is the world's first writer known by name
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