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E-MART Korea

No description

Crystal Morgan

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of E-MART Korea

E-MART Korea
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
To provide a wide variety of products in a "fresh and soft" shopping environment

“Envisioning the Greatest. As we envision the greatest, we create the greatest.”

Company Analysis
Ansof matrix
Mission Statement
S.W.O.T Analysis
Competitive Strategies Analysis
E-mart’s Competitive Strategy
Overall Cost Leadership
Low cost/prices in order to gain more market share
EDLP (Every Day Low Price Strategy)
E.g. Competitors  Homeplus

Largest provider of retail goods in the Republic of Korea.
Affordable prices & top quality
Offers basic necessities: clothing, groceries, home appliances
South Korea is constantly growing in population and the demand for moderately-priced goods and services will soon follow
With over 140 stores operational, E-Mart will be virtually anywhere to accommodate the consumers needs and wants
Social responsibility: donated 5% of sales to local community organizations or welfare facilities that installed donation boxes in the mart; provided scholarships and are eco-friendly

Business Strategy (Keep leading status)

multi-store strategy :
Growth in scale
cost saving strategy
: low cost operation (private label, information system, )
customer satisfaction program:
customer first, reward system, customer service system, customer rest room

Marketing Strategy

: EDLP (Every Day Low Price) Strategy
Demand Management :
Sale various high quality products, frequently update products, private label product, housewives (grocery shopping)
: various location (over 140 stores), low shelf (Korea Style),
: discount every day and have membership strategy

EMART CRM concept
CRM Concept

Providing low cost goods, convenience
Gained customers’ trust by continuously providing quality goods at low prices throughout the year, social responsibility
After-sales service, refund/exchange counters

Product- Footwear
Nike shoes
Lead seller of athletic footwear
Sports profile individuals
Targets people with lower income
E-mart has affordable, but still high quality shoes
Demographics: targets athletes of higher income, all ages, and both sexes
Behavioral: offer many benefits-> utility, style, technology (nike always in lead)
Psychological: related with victory (often athlete sponsored- Lebron, Ronaldo), strong brand logo (strong commercials and slogan)
More affordable Nike lines at E-Mart
Older lines, cheaper Nike shoes found
Newer shoes models not available
BCG Matrix Analysis
E-Mart specializes in promotion of its departments.
Food and Home Goods would be considered star.
Clothing and Footwear would be cash cow.
Electronics and Mobile devices would be the dog.

Marketing Concept
Low price product with high quality driven
Various goods satisfy all needs from customer
Customer first
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