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No description

Yan Charitar

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Maverick

The actual name of our product ( shoe ) is Maverick Swift. The price of our shoe is $110 and we
will be giving a discount of buy one shoe
and get the second shoe for half the price! Our maverick swift are running shoes!
Since our shoes are running shoes they can be used for almost any sport that involves running, so it will be focused on any ages. Other products that we sell are soccer shoes, Water bottles (non-plastic/reusable) wristbands,Maverick T-shirt and shorts The target audience is buying a lot of the things right now. One of these are shoes. They are more reliable on brands like Nike, Adidas. Logo The name Where does the name come from? Well the name "Maverick Swift"
was given to decribe fast as
"swift" actually means fast. Price and many more Shoe type Shoe info Buyer Behaviour What else do we sell? Shoe design who sells shoes like ours? Since running shoes are very popular, there are many companies
selling them. Some of the companies are Addidas, Nike, Converse Bye What make us different? The shoes are perfect for different sports you exersise. They help your feet from getting tired and sweaty because it has a sprayer inside that sprays your feet every 2.5 minutes and the shoe won't get wet
as it's waterpfoof from the inside.
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