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Downtown Presentation

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Jen Ly

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Downtown Presentation

so we can create a better
Late 194o's
The Place To Be
Economic upturn; population boom as veterans return; oil discovered near Leduc.
(cc) image by jantik on Flickr
The Malls
1960s and 70's
Commercial Growth
High oil prices; first DT sky scraper;
growth continues outside core.
Growth Continues
Suburbs emerge.
1955 first mall built.
Heritage Mall opens; WEM Phase 1
... "ripping the heart out of downtown".
DT Strikes Back
CoE creates long term plan for downtown ... catalyst projects include new concert hall, new city hall, redeveloped Churchill Square, Rice Howard Way, Jasper Ave, PRIDE, DBA, DDC and more.
Downtown Plan
... small
Update to 1984 plan; catalyst projects incent residential growth in core ...
Rail-Town, 104 st, Heritage buildings.
Land use strategy, targeted residential incentives, new funding model (CRL), transit-oriented.
Capital City DT Plan
It is
downtown vs. the 'burbs'
How you can help?
Downtown - The Psychic Centre
As goes your
so goes your

Residential Growth
Commercial Growth
A Grocery Store!!
Comprises less than 1% of land base ...

Generates 10%
of tax base
70,000 workers
40,000 students
12,000 residents
Mid 80's -90's
Concurrent Activities
Cities have to start really investing in their downtown cores because the downtown is the psychic centre of places.
Additional Investment
- Come on down! ... be part of the vibrancy we want to feel in our city

- Spread the word ...
the momentum
is growing
Why Downtowns Matter
So if the downtown is sort of, well, crap, people take one look and say this city just doesn't have it going on and I don't want to be here.
If there's a
sense of vitality
downtown, people will feel
positive about their city, even
if they live in the suburbs.
Just to be clear ...
Some Downtown Facts
Bane or Benefit?
Downtown Vibrancy:
Things to Keep in Mind
As goes your
so goes your
Looking at yeg
Boyle - McCauley
The Quarters
The Dales
Commercial Core
Cultural Core
McKay Avenue
Capital City
Warehouse Campus
Downtown Edmonton
Significant Projects
Jasper Ave
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