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Wings of Fire

No description

mevy lei

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Wings of Fire

Plot Events
Wings of Fire
The Dragonet Prophecy
Tui T. Sutherland
Conflict and Resolution
Mood & Theme
Book 1
Report 2
" Go Dragon! "
Clay Mudwing
Kind, naive, caring
Thick, armored brown scales, large
Main Character
Tsunami Seawing
Low tempered, sarcastic, caring
Aquamarine scales, webs between their claws, gills in their necks
Glory Rainwings
Sunny Sandwing
Starflight Nightwing
Secondary Characters
Fragile, caring, grumpy
scales constantly shift colors, usually bright like birds and prehensile tails
Fantasy. It is fantasy because it contains dragons and it is based in a adventure.
Optimistic, obedient, unintelligent
color of desert sand scales, poisonous, forked black tongues
Intelligent, terrible fighter, shy
Purplish scales, scattered silver scales (under wings) forked tongue
- Kestrel - Webs
- Dune - Peril
- Burn
- Queen Scarlet
- Morrowser
Six years later after they were born
- Under the Mountain
- Sky Kingdom
- Queen Scarlet's Palace
- Diamond Spray River
Published July 1st, 2012
336 Pages in Total
1) C/ They tried to escape from the cave but they founded Queen Scarlet.
R/ Days later Peril helps them escape.
2) C/ Clay was fighting with a dragon to entertain Queen Scarlet. He was nearly to die because it was be killed or kill.
R/ Glory fires venom into the dragon's injuries (because of Clay). It was so painful that the dragon suicides.
Clay, Tsunami, Glory, Sunny and Starflight has lived all their lives under a cave with the supervision of Kestrel, Webs and Dune. They were taught that they were the dragonets of destiny. The majority of all the dragons think that the dragonets of destiny will end the war between the three sisters, Blister, Blaze and Burn. They were supposed to stop the war until they had 12 years old, but suddenly they decided they were ready to stop the war.
Rising Action
They get out of the cave, but they are followed by Queen Scarlet. Apparently, she caught Kestrel. She killed Dune. She threw Webs into the water with a web tied. Queen Scarlet bring them to her kingdom. Clay met a dragon called Peril. Peril was like the "champion" of the Queen. Queen Scarlet love seeing dragons killing each other. She didn't put the dragonet of destiny in the arena because she was saving them for her special day.
Queen Scarlet special day has come. The special day is her hatching day. Burn, one of the three sisters, is allied with Queen Scarlet. Queen Scarlet wanted her hatching day to be thrilling, also she wanted to execute Kestrel. Kestrel was her old "champion" until she betrayed Queen Scarlet. Peril found that Kestrel was her mother, so she maked a deal with Queen Scarlet. The deal was if she fought whoever Queen Scarlet wanted and win she would let Kestrel go, but if she loses she will be executed with Kestrel. The opponent for Peril was Clay (her only friend). Morrowser came and took Starflight away, so he interrupt Queen Scarlet special day. They decide to go save Kestrel when they could left her behind. Peril lead them to were Kestrel is. Queen Scarlet finds out, but Glory fires her venom and Tsunami slash her to win time.
Falling Action
In the next book
The mood of the author was that she was trying to tell a story to kids.
The theme of the story is help and care your friends. Also, don't forget or left behind those who has treated you bad.

"Oh bye !" Tsunami shouted after him. Thanks for everything! You've been SO HELPFUL".
"I will not panic"-clay
Tui T. Sutherland has books in the bestselling Seekers. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, son, and dog.

In the story she talks in 3rd person. The book doesn't say I or me.
: sudden flame.
S/ The dragon flared at the house
: unexpected
S/ Yesterday I encounter a party.
: The quality or condition
S/ I check on the immunity before buying things.
: A sharp sibilant sound similar to a sustained s.
S/ I always hissed at my sister.
: In a state of wonder or amazement
S/ When i got my computer i was agape.
I felt like I needed to keep reading. Every chapter have a least one mystery that needed to be solved in the next chapter. This book I like it. I like the book because of its very surprising the facts.
1) C/ Clay thinks that Peril is mad with him.
R/ Peril tells Clay that she is not mad with him.
2) C/ Tsunami and the others, except Clay, thinks Peril tried to betrayed them giving them to Queen Scarlet.
R/ Peril was trying to betrayed them, but she repays what she have done.
They get out of the kingdom. Kestrel and Peril go to their home. Clay and their friends go find their families together.
Clay finds out that his mom and dad don't want him, but he finds his siblings that were born in the same month and they go to to Tsunamis kingdom.
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