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Congruent Triangles in Real life

No description

marissa clark

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Congruent Triangles in Real life

Congruent Triangles in Real life
Marissa Clark

(Sas) side-angle-side
i used a mattress in the corner of a wall

you use your arms measure the length of the bed and wall to see if it will fit.

given: ab=ac ce=gf
Table of Congruence
I used a Bridge as a real life example
when you build a bridge you don't want it falling you want it where both sides are perfectly the same .
(Asa) angle-side-angle
an hourglass i used as this real life example.
the blacksmith is making an hourglass the two inner sides should be congruent.
Given:qu=pt <q=<p=<t right angles are always the same. qu=pt is right angles
proof/solution:<q=<p <u= <t right angles are always the same. qu=pt is in between the two right angles
In the end, triangles are all around us we just don't notice them. there in our room ,on the streets . everywhere.
Triangle Congruent (SSS)
A Grilled cheese i used as this real life example.
if Charlotte has one grilled cheese and Samantha wants the other. so Charlotte decides to cut it equally but she wants it to be congruent on each side. she dosen't know if it is congruent or not, Samantha does. how does she know?

(Aas) angle-angle-side
i used an envelope for this real life problem
George has an envelope if he folds it the envelope will be congruent..
given:<r=<j cm is parralell to cm=cm
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