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Jacob Happy

No description

Katrina Dye

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Jacob Happy

The history classroom 35 years from now will look a lot different from today. The technology will be far more advanced and ubiquitous. The design will be comfortable and inviting. There will be access to fresh air and students will have the ability to view and learn information from a massive variety of sources. Most importantly of all, students will be intrigued. We are in a trend today that I believe will continue on to 2050. The trend of technology.
This day in age, classrooms are bland. The plain color of the walls, the cold and hard chairs, the small amount of fresh air students get in a school day, all are aspects of a classroom that makes students uncomfortable, tired, and bored. Students are rarely intrigued by lessons, especially when it comes to history lessons. After all, there is no hands-on experience in social studies and history classrooms. Students can only see and learn about great battles and astounding discoveries through poor quality videos and old textbooks. As long as students aren't intrigued, their education is hindered. I believe that this is going to continue into 2050. If this problem is going to be solved, then a revolutionary new idea is needed.
The Problem
The Solution
History Classroom Today
By Jacob Happy
A Glimpse Into The Future Of Lakeside School District
Q: What five adjectives describe your design?
A: Inviting, comfortable, engaging, bright, and enjoyable.
Q: What makes your design innovative?
A: It utilizes wasted space and creates a unique improvement upon today's classroom design.
Q: What was the inspiration for your design?
A: I often get bored or tired during class and don't get the full value of my education. I believe we can do a lot more with our classrooms.

Thank you for viewing!
By Jacob Happy
Lakeside 2050: The History Classroom
More FAQs
Q: What features of your design do you think will most excite or inspire the students? Why?
A: I believe that the opening and closing ceiling will provide the fresh air that students crave every day. I also believe that the wide range of classic books will most certainly encourage students to grow in their academics.
Q: How is your design going to prepare students for work, college, and career?
A: Students will have more experience with technology and will also give students an overall better education with access to a range of documents and writings.

First Sketch
Second Sketch
Final Sketch
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