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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

No description

Christina Barrett

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Mrs. Hatcher
Mr. Hatcher
Peter Hatcher
Dr. Cone
Jimmy Fargo
Peter attends Jimmy Fargo's birthday party and wins a turtle.
Names his new pet turtle, Dribble.
Peter's father's boss, Mr. Yarby and his wife, come to visit.
Fudge scares Mrs. Yarby with a gorilla mask and Dribble.
Mr. and Mrs. Yarby leave and Peter's Father loses the Juicy-O account.
Chapters 1 and 2
Fudge refuses to eat all of a sudden.
After trying everything and talking to 4 doctors, the family gets frustrated.
Mr. Hatcher finally gets so mad that he takes fudge into the bathroom and dumps a bowl of cereal on his head.
Fudge decides to start eating again.
Peter and Jimmy are playing in Central Park.
Sheila joins them, to Peter and Jimmy's disgust.
Mrs. Hatcher lets Sheila babysit Fudge.
At the playground, Fudge climbs to the top of the jungle gym and tries to "fly"... but falls and swallows his front teeth.
Mrs. Hatcher is furious and takes it out on Peter, blaming him for the accident.
Chapters 3 and 4
Fudge has a birthday party (turning 3-years-old)
Three kids come to the party. Ralph, who is fat; Jennie, who bites; and Sam, who cries and whines about everything.
Peter, Grandma, and Peter's mother are the ones supervising the party.
Mrs. Rudder, from downstairs, came up to see what was happening and ended up talked into staying to help.
Jennie bit Grandma and went pee on the floor.
Ralph threw up because he had two large pieces of cake.
Sam cried because he thought that Fudge didn't like the present he got him.
Peter, Fudge, and their mom got to the dentist's office and then the shoe store.
Fudge is stubborn and misbehaves at both places.
When they are at a restaurant for lunch, Fudge smears mashed potatoes all over the wall and dumps peas on his head.
Chapters 5 and 6
Sheila, Jimmy, and Peter are put on a project together.
Peter and Jimmy are in charge of the poster and Sheila has to write most of the report.
Fudge gets into Peters room and destroys the poster.
Peter's mother leaves town to visit her sister (who's had a baby).
Peter and Fudge got to work with their father.
Fudge gets chosen to be in a TV commercial, but doesn't do what he's told.
Chapters 7 and 8
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
9 years old
Oldest of two boys
Lives in New York City
Has one best friend.
Doesn't feel as important as his little brother.
Mother of Peter and Fudge
Traditional, Stay-at-home mom
Babies Fudge too often
Relies on Peter to help with Fudge
Unintentionally overlooks Peter's needs
Does not like Dribble (the smell)
Father to Peter and Fudge
Works for a company that makes commercials for various companies.
Juicy-O and Toddle-Bike are two accounts that Mr. Hatcher is working on.
Does not want to "baby" Fudge.
Very similar views and opinions as Peter.
2 1/2-year-old brother to Peter
Very curious
"Monkey-see, Monkey-do" attitude, but doesn't really understand (for example, "no touch").
Does not know how to stay out of trouble.
Looks up to Peter and loves him, but doesn't always show it.
Screams and throws tantrums to get his way.
Enjoys playing with socks and pots and pans...and Dribble!
In Peter's class.
Lives in Peter's apartment building.
Still teases Peter and Jimmy about "cooties".
Peter thinks of her as a "know it all" with looks like a monkey in the zoo.
9 years old
Peter's best friend
Lives on Peter's block and is in his class.
Goes to Central Park with Peter to play "secret agents".
Has been mugged before.
Chapters 9 and 10
Peter, Fudge, and their dad go to the movies.
Fudge talks during the movie and throws popcorn at the people in front of him.
Then, they realize that Fudge is missing. They find him down in the front, near the screen. He explains, "Wanted to touch the bears".
Friday, May 10th, Fudge eats Dribble.
Peter gets a dog, and names it Turtle.
Elevator operator at the apartment building where Peter lives.
Knows everyone and remembers what floor they live on.
Always helpful.
Very kind and thoughtful to Pete and his family.
Peter and Fudge's doctor.
Gets called when Fudge won't eat.
Gets called when Fudge swallows Dribble.
Never seems very concerned that Fudge is in any real danger.
Acts like he may think Mrs. Hatcher is over-reacting a lot.
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