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North Africa and Southwest Asia (the Middle East)

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on 11 January 2018

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Transcript of North Africa and Southwest Asia (the Middle East)

North Africa and Southwest Asia (the Middle East)
North Africa and The Middle East (Southwest Asia)
Southwest Asia is also called the
Middle East

It is the crossroads of three continents
- Europe, Africa, and Asia

It has a central location
- Economic and Cultural Crossroads

Natural Hazards
Physical Characteristics
Alluvial Soils - rich soil made up of sand and mud deposited by moving waters (areas on either side of the Nile River bed)

Delta regions -triangular sections of land formed by sand and silt carried downriver

Oases - areas of lush vegetation in the desert
supported by underground springs

Wadi - a valley, ravine, or channel that is dry
except in the rainy season.
What it is called depends on who you are talking to.
Most of the area consists of desert
or semiarid climates

Sahara - located in North Africa,
is the world's largest desert, creates a natural barrier between North Africa and the rest of Africa

Sahel - a narrow band of semi-arid land south of the Sahara, The Sahel is widely French-speaking, Islamic and takes its name ("shore") from Arabic.
Take it from me the desert is hot!
Desertification - when the desert expands because of human interference and natural conditions

Drought - a long period of time without water

Seasonal Flooding - flooding based on the seasons, rains, etc.

Boy, my feet sure hurt, where's the grass?
Delightfully refreshing!
Economic Characteristics- - Resources
Heavy reliance on primary economic activities
oil drilling

Major producer of the world's oil supply
guest workers

Oil revenues have both positive and negative effects

OPEC - Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

Water is the regions
most precious resource
Economic Characteristics
Trade important from earliest times

Contemporary Trade routes (sea lanes)

Suez Canal - Enhanced shipping routes in the region

Answan High Dam - Controls floods of Egypt's Nile river, about 95% of population lives withing 12 miles of the Nile, problems include:
increased diseases
human issues
changes to the Egyptian fishing industry
erosion of the Delta

Great variation in standard of living
ranges from very high to poverty-stricken

Wide range of per capita income and levels of development

Rapid Urbanization

Modernization centered in urban areas while traditional life continues in rural areas

Nomadic Lifestyle

Large percentage of population under age 15

Population is unevenly distributed

Arab countries - Arab language

Non Arab countries - Turkey, Israel, Iran
Cultural Characteristics
Birthplace of three major religions

Conflict over Palestine

Regional Conflicts -political unrest that affects tourism
Physical Characteristics

Water features
Mediterranean Sea
Red Sea
Black Sea
Arabian Sea
Persian/Arabian Gulf
Strait of Hormuz
Bosporus Strait
Dardanelles Strait
Nile River
Tigris River
Euphrates River
Jordan River
Art that Reflects Cultural Diversity
Stained Glass

Geometric Tiles



Prayer Rugs

Wow! I look good! I'm all sparkly. I like being on this stained glass.
Hey, psst, Fred, Fred, turn around and look at the Atlas Mountains.
Is this my good side, should I turn the other way? Make sure you get the Dome of the Rock in the background. Just wait till I show the kids this picture.
Umm, I really, umm, didn't want to go back to work, umm, but these special snacks sure are good, umm.
Do you speak Arabic?
Taurus Mountains
Zagros Mountains
Atlas Mountains

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